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The GIANT Night Club w/Billy Mac

--Billy Mac: TTLD - Randy Travis/CDB/Jake Owen and more!


You will not be seeing any more photos of RANDY TRAVIS drunk and naked . . . because he's finally SWEARING OFF the booze. And he's so proud . . . he sent a lackey out to tell us about it.

Randy's overworked lawyer Larry Friedman told TMZ, quote, "(Randy) Travis has acknowledged the problem . . . and decided to 86 the liquor from his life so he could focus on improving his health.

"He works out three hours every day and is in the best shape of his life. He has a high protein diet and takes a lot of vitamins."

The new, "not drunk" Randy is also recording new music. He was in a Texas studio last week "laying down" some new tracks.


A lot of artists like to squeeze a few more holiday dollars out of their fans by doing a Christmas tour. CHARLIE DANIELSwill never be one of them, because the season's too sacred for him.

He says, quote, "I'm definitely going to be home for Christmastime. I'm a Christian. It's the birth of my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. It's the most special day of the year to me. It's my favorite time of the year."

Charlie's wife loves the holiday as much as he does. He adds, quote, "We celebrate it to the hilt at my house. We go into Christmas mode about . . . oh gosh, my wife starts decorating in August! Not really, but I mean early on.

"She has five Christmas trees . . . a regular Christmas tree, a cowboy tree, a special ornament tree, an angel tree. I don't even know what the others are, but it's a very, very special time."


KEITH URBAN and the rest of the American Idol cast are officially off the road after auditioning hopefuls nationwide for season 12.

Judges Keith, Randy Jackson and Mariah Carey each dished to E! Online about the talent they've seen on the around the country, and claimed they have triple the amount of talent they need for the show.


JAKE OWEN will be the halftime performer at college football's National Championship game . . . which is being held atSouth Florida's Orange Bowl on January 1st. You can read a few more details at

And, just because we know ya'll love him . . . here's FIVE FAST FACTS about our boy, Jake:

-His wife Lacey gave birth to their daughter Olive Pearl on Thanksgiving Day this year . . . just a few days shy of his song, "The One That Got Away" hitting number one.

-He's currently headlining CMT on Tour Jake Owen: The Summer Never Ends 2012.

-Jake has an English Bulldog named Merle.

-He'll headline some dates on Jason Aldean's Night Train tour, which makes stops of some of the country's iconic ballparks.

-His annual hometown benefit concert in Vero BeachFlorida has been set for December 15th.


11/29/2012 9:14PM
--Billy Mac: TTLD - Randy Travis/CDB/Jake Owen and more!
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