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The GIANT Night Club w/Billy Mac

--Billy Mac: Tonight's DA has some things to IRON out...Jana and Brantley Skate




According to a study by the UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO, kids as young as five years old associate regional accents with stereotypes about people from that part of the country.

Kindergarteners in CHICAGO listened to people speaking in northern and southern accents . . . and then they were asked what they thought of each speaker.

Most of the kids thought that the speaker with the northern accent was more intelligent and, quote, "in charge". They thought the person with the southern accent was nicer . . . but they'd rather have the northern person as a friend.

When they did the same experiment with kids in TENNESSEE, who probably either had a southern accent or heard it more often, they didn't see any difference in intelligence or niceness based on the accent.


What do parents do when they're awake with a newborn in the middle of the night? We would have assumed, ya know . . . actually watchin' the baby or somethin'.

But that wasn't an option in this survey. Here are the activities that parents do in the middle of the night.

#1) Reading.

#2) Online shopping.

#3) Watching TV.

#4) Listening to music.

#5) Catching up on work.

#6) Exercising.

The online shopping one is the one that's growing the fastest. Amazon says it's seen a 78% rise in people buying baby stuff in the middle of the night over the past year.


The idea of going shopping this weekend is HORRIBLE. The crowds are going to be in full force and it's going to get ugly. So wouldn't it be better to shop when places are WAY emptier . . . like tomorrow morning?

In a new survey, one in seven people say they're considering FAKING A SICK DAY in the next two weeks to squeeze in their gift buying, or to wait for packages at home.

About 20% of people surveyed say they haven't even STARTED their shopping yet.

So . . . I find it very interesting that the very day I find this story, our receptionist has called out sick... Hmmm, all I can say is I better get something good for Christmas this year from her... Jus' sayin....


I'm all about unique, but . . . um this might be taking things just a little too far.

The website put together a list of the most unusual baby names of 2012. At least two parents independently reported giving every name on the list, which means none of the names are a one-off fluke.

Here are our picks for the 10 worst girls and boys names of 2012.

For Girls: Excel, Jagger, Kaixin, Monalisa, Queenie, Rogue, Shoog, Thinn, Yoga, and Zealand.

And for Boys: Burger, Cajun, Cello, Cobain, Donathan, Espn, Four, Goodluck, Haven'T, Hippo.

You can see all the other names on the list here.

What We Hate About The Holidays

December 13th is just about the perfect time for holiday burnout: We've been going strong since Thanksgiving, we're deep in the middle of unavoidable holiday oversaturation, and there are still two weeks until ChristmasWhich means it's the perfect time for a survey like this. Here's the definitive list of the top 11 things people hate about the holidays, courtesy of a poll by Harris Interactive.

#1) Crowds . . . including traffic, crowds in parking lots, and people in stores.

#2) How early stores start putting out holiday decorations and displays.

#3) A focus on gifts and not the spirit of the holidays.

#4) People cutting in line.

#5) Travel prices being so incredibly high.

#6) Too much holiday music everywhere.

#7) Pressure to give gifts to more people than you really want to.

#8) People leaving their Christmas decorations up until February or March.

#9) People who double dip at holiday parties. (???)

#10) Stores that don't give out gift boxes.

#11) Family members or friends who don't bring anything when you're hosting a party.

A few things that came close but didn't make the list include hangovers, gaining weight, people being artificially friendly, TV commercials where cars are wrapped in giant bows, and taking down decorations and lights.
The survey also found 11% of people say they don't have ANY issues with the holidays.


For a while now, there's been talk about stopping advertisers from jacking up the volume on their commercials . . . and now it's finally happening.
Congress recently passed something called the
CALM Act, which requires ads to remain within just two decibels of the programming around them.The rule went into effect last night at midnight. Before now, there were no restrictions keeping advertisers from making loud commercials to try to get your attention. If you catch any blaring ads, you can report them by calling 1-888-TELL-FCC.

It was a little over a week ago when JANA KRAMER spent her birthday in the hospital after coming down with a nasty flu. And there was BRANTLEY GILBERT at her side . . . blowing up surgical gloves.

But Jana got her strength back real fast because the next day Brantley took her ice-skating.

Jana told, quote, "The day after my birthday was awesome. My boyfriend rented out an ice rink and took me figure skating."

The real story here is that Jana is finally referring to Brantley as her boyfriend. Remember when the best she could come up with was they were "having a good time."



JASON ALDEAN is now popular enough that somebody is in his ear about giving Hollywood a shot. And he's open to the idea.

He says, quote, "I may dabble in some things here and there. Movies or whatever, maybe, here and there.

"It's one of those things where if I do a movie, I don't even know if I'm any good. So, I may do one and it sucks and I'm a horrible actor, and I'll never do another one.

"We'll see. But you'll probably see me dabbling in some stuff like that, I think, in the future . . . but music will always kinda be my main focus."

One more thing about Jason Aldean: He's joined the west coast lineup of "Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve". (Hollywood Reporter)



LEANN RIMES must be prone to stomach aches, sinus congestion and muscle pain . . . because her tour rider requires promoters to stock her dressing room with Pepto-Bismol, Mucinex, and Advil Liqui-Gels.

Okay, a bowl of green M & M's and circus monkey, I get. But . . . Pepto and Advil? (The Smoking Gun)



SCOTTY MCCREERY is surprised to learn that college is "a lot tougher" than high school. Go figure. (Country Weekly)


********** is streaming some audio clips from the "books on tape" version of WILLIE NELSON'S "Roll Me Up And Smoke Me When I Die".



TOBY KEITH released a Christmas version of his "Red Solo Cup" video. It's kind of lame . . . other than the snowboarding Santa, so there's that.



Six elementary school students in Green Bay, Wisconsin were given the opportunity to sing Christmas songs with KENNY ROGERS. (Full Story)

This sounds like something straight out of a cartoon. But if it's true, it's a GREAT way to get out of doing housework . . . PERMANENTLY.

32-year-old Tomasz Packowski of Elbag, Poland was getting a lot of heat from his wife, Lila, about being USELESS around the house. So he decided to prove that he could do housework.

He grabbed all their clothes that needed ironing, set up the ironing board in front of the TV, turned on some boxing, and cracked a beer. Then he started ironing while he watched and drank.

At some point, his cell phone rang. And adding that FOURTH multitasking element was too much. So when he went to answer the phone, he accidentally held THE IRON up to his EAR instead.

When he ran to the bathroom to splash some cold water on it, he accidentally ran into the door, and got a black eye.

He was hospitalized with serious burns on his face, but is expected to fully recover. And he says he's never doing housework again . . . quote, "It's harder than it looks. I really respect what my wife does now.


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--Billy Mac: Tonight's DA has some things to IRON out...Jana and Brantley Skate and Why we hate the
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