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The GIANT Night Club w/Billy Mac

--Billy Mac: Web Nuggets...Twang Town Lo-down and The D.A. Of The Day



When it comes to avoiding the flu, you probably already know the main things you have to do: Wash your hands a lot, get a flu shot, and duck when someone's about to sneeze on you.

But the website has a list of tricks you might NOT know about. Here are the top five weird ways to avoid getting sick.

#1) Keep Your Feet Warm. 
Researchers think cold feet might cause the blood vessels in your SINUSES to tighten up. Which makes it harder for white blood cells to get to your mucus membranes. And that's where most viruses sneak in.

#2) After You Wash Your Hands, Don't Dry Them with a Towel.
This isn't the ECO-FRIENDLY thing to do, but you're less likely to get the flu from someone in your own home if you use PAPER towels.

#3) Cut Your Fingernails.
Researchers at the 
University of Michigan tested the nails of doctors and nurses, and found that you're more likely to have bacteria under them if they grow longer than three millimeters past the tips of your fingers.

Only 18% of people with fingernails SHORTER than that had a significant amount of bacteria under their nails.

#4) Take a Few Deep Breaths Each Day.
You have to breathe in for three seconds from your diaphragm, so your stomach pushes out. Then exhale for three seconds, and do it three times in a row, a few times every day.

If you make it a habit, some research shows you're less likely to get pneumonia.

#5) Don't Get Drunk.

One drink won't hurt. But too many can mess with your white blood cells' ability to fight off infections. And not just WHILE you're drunk. It affects your immune system for up to 24 hours afterward.



It's supposed to keep getting colder this month. Which means it's time for . . . COLD RAGE.

It's a serious epidemic sweepeing the nation. I think DR. PHIL is talking about it next week. Ya'll heard about it right here first!

A new survey found the top five arguments people have because of cold weather. And looking at this list, they make total sense. Check 'em out . . .


#1) Whether or not to turn up the heat.

#2) Whether or not to open the windows to let fresh air in.

#3) Whether or not to turn down the heat to save money.

#4) Someone using up all the hot water.

#5) Someone taking a hot bath instead of a quick shower.

The survey also found the five most EXTREME things we do to keep warm . . . and most of them would give someone ANOTHER reason to be angry. Check 'em out . . .


#1) Wearing your significant other's warm socks.

#2) Stealing all of the covers in the middle of the night.

#3) Wearing a scarf and hat inside the house.

#4) Putting your cold feet on your significant other in bed to warm them up.

#5) Cuddling with SOMEONE ELSE
 put out their list of the Top Five Country Albums of 2012 . . . and they admittedly favored the "down-home type".


1) "100 Proof", Kellie Pickler

2) "Living for a Song: A Tribute to Hank Cochran", Jamey Johnson

3) "Tuskegee", Lionel Richie

4) "Beer for Breakfast", JB and the Moonshine Band

5) "All Over The Road", Easton Corbin

You can find the reasons they chose each one at There's also an audio link for you to sample five different tracks from each album.

The LUKE BRYAN fix was in at last night's "American Country Awards". He came in with nine nominations . . . and WON EVERY SINGLE award he was nominated for . . . including ACA Artist of the Year. I've never seen anyone clean up like that.

Other winners included CARRIE UNDERWOOD who took home Female Artist of the Year . . . and LAUREN ALAINA who won Best New Artist. MIRANDA LAMBERT'S song "Over You" won Single of the Year and Female Music Video of the Year.

By the way, was it me or did somebody send a memo out to wear backwards baseball caps? I saw one on DIERKS BENTLEY, KIP MOORE and LEE BRICE . . . and then I stopped looking. Oh, and here's a bright spot: TAYLOR SWIFT didn't win anything.

You can see all the winners and losers here.

Some fans put together a Facebook page hoping to make enough noise for BLAKE SHELTON and MIRANDA LAMBERT to get the call from "Saturday Night Live".

They'd like Blake to host . . . and Miranda to be the musical guest.


TIM MCGRAW and FAITH HILL drew some pretty big star power to their Saturday night Soul 2 Soul show at the Venetian in Las Vegas.

According to the "Las Vegas Sun", BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN and his wife PATTI SCIALFA were there . . . andTOM HANKS and his wife RITA WILSON also caught the show.


This may or may not be the first public kiss between TAYLOR SWIFT and ONE DIRECTION'S HARRY STYLES. Right before she hit the stage at a concert last weekend she leaned over and . . . well, nuzzled him. Here's thelink. Click on the arrow.

-Billy Mac: Today's DA Of The Day

On Sunday night, 26-year-old Jared Gurman of Williston Park, on Long Island in New York, watched the show "The Walking Dead" with his girlfriend, 27-year-old Jessica Gelderman.

After the show, Jared and Jessica got into an argument about whether the show could come true . . . and whether a ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE could actually happen.

Apparently, Jared was POSITIVE that zombies could start taking over the Earth one day. Jessica wasn't convinced, and wasn't taking him seriously.

The argument escalated . . . and ended with Jared pulling out his .22-caliber ASSAULT RIFLE and SHOOTING Jessica in the back.

She suffered a shattered rib, a pieced lung, and a pierced diaphragm. On the plus side, at least she proved she wasn't a zombie.

Jared realized he'd just made the biggest mistake of his life, and drove her to the hospital. She's in serious but stable condition, and he was arrested for attempted second-degree murder. Apparently there ARE brain eating zombies....Or this guy is a couple burgers short of a sack lunch... I'm going with option B.

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12/11/2012 9:09PM
--Billy Mac: Web Nuggets...Twang Town Lo-down and The D.A. Of The Day
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