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The GIANT Night Club w/Billy Mac

--Billy Mac: YOUR house in a Snowglobe - The Honeymoon IS over - Honesty ISN'T t

Wanna See Your House IN A Snowglobe?

This is SOOOO cool! See your house . . . in a SNOW GLOBE! Click on the picture, put in your ADDRESS and ZIP CODE . . . then click the “SHAKE” button.

So IS the Honeymoon over before it even begins??

Turns out the "Honeymoon Period" in marriage is a MYTH. You're going to be INSTANTLY miserable for a while. 

A new study out of Deakin University in Australia found that the first year of marriage is actually the HARDEST.

People report the LOWEST levels of happiness in their first year of marriage . . . an average of 74 on a scale of one to 100. By year two, that goes up to 78.4. And after 40 years, it's up to 80.

But . . . as hard as the first year is, it still makes people happier than staying single. People who were never married average a 72 out of 100 in happiness, which is two points lower than people in their first year of marriage.

People who are separated or divorced reported the lowest levels of happiness, an average of 69 out of 100.

Why is the first year of marriage so hard? The researchers say it may be like a WEDDING HANGOVER. Quote, "After the big day, all couples are left with are the photos, a pile of bills, and the realization you just made that huge life decision." (Sydney Morning Herald)

Honesty The Best Policy??? Apparently NOT in THESE Professions

With the way Americans feel about Congress today, this has to feel like a win for them. In an annual Gallup poll asking Americans to rank different professions by their honesty and ethics, Congress DIDN'T come in last.

Nope, they came in SECOND-to-last.

CAR SALESMEN finished dead last. Only 8% of people say car salespeople have high or very high honesty standards. 10% of people said members of Congress have high or very high honesty standards.

Nurses were rated the most honest profession, at 85%. The rest of the top 10 most honest professions are: Pharmacists, doctors, engineers, dentists, police officers, college professors, members of clergy, psychiatrists, and chiropractors.

The bottom 10 are: Car salespeople, members of Congress, people in advertising, stockbrokers, HMO managers, senators, insurance salespeople, lawyers, state governors, and business executives. (Gallup)



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12/04/2012 9:17PM
--Billy Mac: YOUR house in a Snowglobe - The Honeymoon IS over - Honesty ISN'T the best policy
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12/09/2012 5:00PM
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