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--Billy Mac: TTLD - Randy Travis/CDB/Jake Owen and more!


You will not be seeing any more photos of RANDY TRAVIS drunk and naked . . . because he's finally SWEARING OFF the booze. And he's so proud . . . he sent a lackey out to tell us about it.

Randy's overworked lawyer Larry Friedman told TMZ, quote, "(Randy) Travis has acknowledged the problem . . . and decided to 86 the liquor from his life so he could focus on improving his health.

"He works out three hours every day and is in the best shape of his life. He has a high protein diet and takes a lot of vitamins."

The new, "not drunk" Randy is also recording new music. He was in a Texas studio last week "laying down" some new tracks.


A lot of artists like to squeeze a few more holiday dollars out of their fans by doing a Christmas tour. CHARLIE DANIELSwill never be one of them, because the season's too sacred for him.

He says, quote, "I'm definitely going to be home for Christmastime. I'm a Christian. It's the birth of my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. It's the most special day of the year to me. It's my favorite time of the year."

Charlie's wife loves the holiday as much as he does. He adds, quote, "We celebrate it to the hilt at my house. We go into Christmas mode about . . . oh gosh, my wife starts decorating in August! Not really, but I mean early on.

"She has five Christmas trees . . . a regular Christmas tree, a cowboy tree, a special ornament tree, an angel tree. I don't even know what the others are, but it's a very, very special time."


KEITH URBAN and the rest of the American Idol cast are officially off the road after auditioning hopefuls nationwide for season 12.

Judges Keith, Randy Jackson and Mariah Carey each dished to E! Online about the talent they've seen on the around the country, and claimed they have triple the amount of talent they need for the show.


JAKE OWEN will be the halftime performer at college football's National Championship game . . . which is being held atSouth Florida's Orange Bowl on January 1st. You can read a few more details at

And, just because we know ya'll love him . . . here's FIVE FAST FACTS about our boy, Jake:

-His wife Lacey gave birth to their daughter Olive Pearl on Thanksgiving Day this year . . . just a few days shy of his song, "The One That Got Away" hitting number one.

-He's currently headlining CMT on Tour Jake Owen: The Summer Never Ends 2012.

-Jake has an English Bulldog named Merle.

-He'll headline some dates on Jason Aldean's Night Train tour, which makes stops of some of the country's iconic ballparks.

-His annual hometown benefit concert in Vero BeachFlorida has been set for December 15th.


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--Billy Mac: Here is Today's DA Of The Day- Yabba Dabba Doo!!!

Since this guy didn't die, I feel like it's okay for us to laugh at him.

On Monday, 40-year-old Brian Reynolds of LynnMassachusetts was driving his 1987 Chevy truck when the brakes stopped working.

His first instinct was to try to stop the truck FRED FLINTSTONE-style . . . by opening the door and dragging his foot along the ground. Believe it or not, that didn't work.

His next plan was to try steering up a hill to slow the car down. But when he turned, he FELL OUT of the door. He rolled out . . . and his runaway truck RAN OVER HIS LEG.

The truck kept rolling, and somehow didn't hit any people or even any other cars. It finally hit a fire hydrant and stopped.

Brian was hospitalized with a minor leg injury. And just to make SURE it was the worst day of his life, the cops gave him a $35 ticket for driving with defective equipment. 


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--Billy Mac: TTLD - Top 10 Christmas songs, Taylor Tours, Miranda heads to the

Based on a study of airplay, sales data and listener feedback here is the list of the Top 10 Country Christmas Songs for 2012. And my all time favorite tops the list ..... ALAN JACKSON - "LET IT BE CHRISTMAS"

1) "Let It Be Christmas", Alan Jackson

2) "If We Make It Through December", Merle Haggard

3) "Christmas in Dixie", Alabama

4) "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer", Gene Autry

5) "Blue Christmas", Elvis Presley

6) "Where Are You, Christmas", Faith Hill

7) "Hard Candy Christmas", Dolly Parton

8) "Born on Christmas Day", Brad Paisley

9) "Mary, Did You Know?", Kenny Rogers [Featuring Wynonna]

10) "Christmas Cookies", George Strait


TAYLOR SWIFT spent Thanksgiving on tour in Japan. And while there she had to endure a painful interview with an annoying cast of idiots on a morning TV show.

Here's the video. It hurts to watch . . . but if you skip to the 4:45 mark you can watch her answer as many personal questions as she can in 60 seconds.


Miranda Lambert, Lady Antebellum and Luke Bryan will be headlining the 2013 Bayou Country Superfest.It's going down Memorial Day Weekend, which is May 25th and 26th . . . in Baton RougeLouisiana.You can grab more details here. Also signed on to do the show, hometown boy RODNEY ATKINS!

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--Billy Mac: Here's Tonight's DA Of The Day

With all the VIOLENCE and CRIMINAL BEHAVIOR at Walmarts around the country on Black Friday, it's good that at leastONE Walmart actually helped FIGHT CRIME . . . through the power of AWESOME DEALS.

On Black Friday, 18-year-old Jacob Haro of San JoseCalifornia just couldn't resist going to Walmart for the sales. BUT . . . there was a warrant out for Haro's arrest for allegedly MURDERING a 16-year-old back in May.

An off-duty juvenile probation officer ALSO happened to be at the Walmart and saw Haro in line. The officer recognized him and called the police.

They arrested Haro outside the store without any incident.


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--Billy Mac: Here's Tonight's TWANG TOWN LO-DOWN

TAYLOR SWIFT told "Parade" magazine, "I think every girl's dream is to find a bad boy at the right time, when he wants to not be bad anymore."

Maybe summing up her failure to form a lasting relationship with ex-boyfriends like JAKE GYLLENHAAL and JOHN MAYER.

But even if Taylor did wrap one of those dudes up, she'd probably change her mind, or grow bored . . . or come up with same lame excuse. Because she also said she's committed to staying single for a while.

She added, quote, "People think I want to get married really young . . . I don't know why. I'm a romantic person, but that doesn't mean I want to miss out on being in my young 20s."


Thanks to social media, when country stars go hunting . . . everybody on the planet knows about it. And in MIRANDA LAMBERT and BLAKE SHELTON'S case, they also bagged Thanksgiving dinner.

Miranda Tweeted, quote, "Baby, it's time we got back to the basics of love. First time in the woods this season . . . and with B.S.!"

After the successful hunt she Tweeted, quote, "Wild hog for Thanksgiving!"

Meanwhile, LUKE BRYAN and his merchandise manager . . . a guy named Hunter Jobes went hunting on Saturday . . . but they came away empty handed. Luke Tweeted, quote, "19 degrees in Iowa. In stand with @HJobes."


JAKE OWEN and his wife Lacey Buchanan became parents on Thanksgiving Day.

Fortunately, the hospital had Internet access . . . because he Tweeted, quote, "Today is the greatest day of my life. Welcome Olive Pearl Owen. Six pounds, three-ounce Turkey Baby! Happy Thanksgiving."


CARRIE UNDERWOOD has released the video trailer for her new single "Two Black Cadillacs".


Turns out someone actually likes those silly hats you see KENNY ALPHIN of BIG & RICH wearing all the time.

He was inducted as a Style Trendsetter by the Tennessee State Museum. (Full Story)


SCOTTY McCREERY has been added to the Christmas In Rockefeller Center holiday concert special, airing Wednesday at 7 p.m. on NBC. The show will also include performances by Trace Adkins, Cee Lo Green, Rod Stewart, Chris Mann, Mariah Carey, Victoria Justice and Il Volo.

The television event will feature the lighting of an 80-foot-tall Norway Spruce, weighing approximately 10 tons.

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Black Friday Gone Crazy..



According to the experts, this year's Black Friday deals were only so-so. But that didn't stop us from the annual violence, fights, and riots that people use as Exhibit A when they criticizeAmerica.

Here are some of the "highlights" . . .


#1) Child Abandonment in Massachusetts. The signature moment of this year's Black Friday happened in Springfield,Massachusetts. 34-year-old Anthony Perry went to K-Mart for their midnight deals, and took his girlfriend's two-year-old son.

But when he RAN into the store to get a 51-inch TV, he FORGOT the kid in the car. Then, after he bought his TV, he thought he'd lost the kid in the store . . . he panicked . . . and called a friend to pick him and his TV up.

The police found the boy in the parking lot at about 1:30 A.M. Fortunately, the kid was okay. Anthony is going to be facing reckless endangerment charges. (Yahoo)


#2) A Guy Pulls a Gun On Someone Who Cut in Line. There's NOTHING people take more seriously on Black Friday than other people showing up late and trying to cut in line. That happened on Thursday night in San Antonio.

Apparently, a man tried to jump the line . . . so another person in line, 33-year-old Jose Alonzo Salame, PULLED A GUN on him. The line jumper took cover behind a refrigerator, and fortunately no shots were fired.

Jose had a carry permit and won't face charges. (San Antonio Express-News)


#3) Armed Robbery Outside a Best Buy. Why wait in a Black Friday line when you can just rob the people who did? In Myrtle BeachSouth Carolina, 45-year-old Shelly Ludlum-Cheers was robbed outside of a Best Buy around 1:00 A.M.The robbers didn't realize she was going INTO Best Buy, not coming out with stuff she'd bought . . . but they took about $200 from her and her cell phone.

That wasn't the only robbery. A 14-year-old in Maryland was also robbed by five men as he was coming out of a Bed, Bath & Beyond around 2:00 A.M.

And two 23-year-old women were arrested after they robbed an Old Navy in Michigan. (The Smoking Gun / Baltimore Sun /Grand Haven Tribune)


#4) A Hog-In-Heat Stink Bomb? This is a new one. At a Walmart in PearlMississippi, someone dropped a HOG-IN-HEAT SCENT BOMB to try to get other people to leave the store. Apparently it smells like hog pee.

There's no word on how many people it drove out of the store. The local ABC station tweeted a photo of an unfortunate Walmart employee having to clean up the remains. (Twitter)


#5) A Walmart Riot Over Cell Phones. It wouldn't be Black Friday without at least one horrifying riot. A video surfaced from a Walmart in MoultrieGeorgia where people pushed, elbowed, and fought over a crate of cell phones. (Time) (You can also see more Black Friday fight videos here and here.)


#6) Run Over in a Walmart Parking LotTons of people walking through parking lots on Black Friday, and tons of drivers fighting for spots is a BAD combo. ESPECIALLY when one of those drivers is DRUNK.

On Thursday night, in CovingtonWashington, a 71-year-old man drove drunk to Walmart . . . and RAN OVER a man and a woman in the parking lot. They were both rushed to the hospital in serious condition. The driver was arrested. (Huffington Post)?

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Tonight's DA Of The Day...That's just TOM Foolery....

Christa and Brian Caponi live near Pensacola, Florida on a six-acre property with over 50 animals . . . including a 30-pound turkey named Tom.

And last Monday morning, Brian went into Tom's pen to feed him . . . but he was missing. Brian saw blood and feathers, and feared the worst. And when he looked at the property's surveillance video, he saw what happened:

19-year-old Joshua Anderson and 18-year-old Jacob Provo had broken into Tom's pen overnight . . . SHOT him with a bow and arrow . . . and ran off with his body.

Police caught up with them as they were taking Tom to be butchered . . . to EAT on Thanksgiving.

They were charged with armed burglary and animal cruelty. 

Turkey Killers


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--Billy Mac: A Love Story in 22 Pictures.... And A TRUE American HERO

Taylor Morris, a native of Cedar Falls, Iowa and Navy EOD Technician, was severely wounded in Afghanistan on 3 May 2012 losing all 4 limbs to an IED blast. This is his story of his never ending courage and perseverance and the LOVE story he shares with his wife Danielle in 22 pictures... God Bless you Taylor for your service....

Check out more information about Taylor by visiting his website at


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--Billy Mac: Here's Tonight's TWANG TOWN LO-DOWN

It's a tradition at the CMAs for the hosts to rip on their fellow country stars . . . and for the camera to pan to the audience and catch that star's reaction. It's like, they BETTER be laughing or showing it doesn't bother them or they'll look totally lame.

Well, this year, when BRAD PAISLEY and CARRIE UNDERWOOD cracked that TAYLOR SWIFT will never, ever, ever, ever get back with CONOR KENNEDY, we did NOT see Taylor's face.

So the "New York Times" asked Taylor why, and she told the truth. She said, quote, "They don't pan to you if you're not laughing."

While we're on the subject . . ."People" is presenting a pretty good case that Taylor Swift is now dating HARRY STYLESof ONE DIRECTION.

Last Thursday, Styles visited Taylor on the set of "X Factor" where she was rehearsing for her performance that night. A source told the magazine, quote, "I had to literally do a double-take. He was smiling at her while she rehearsed.

"When she was done he jumped up on stage, picked her up, put her over his shoulder and carried her off stage. The whole crew was really surprised."

And then they quoted "X Factor" host MARIO LOPEZ. He said, quote, "I said to Harry, 'What are you doing here.' And he sort of [pointed] toward Taylor."

Mario went on to say that he saw Taylor and Harry "hand-in-hand."

Wherever you were last Friday, I doubt it was as cool as where KEITH URBAN was hanging out. He was in the south of
France staying in a fancy hotel on the Mediterranean Sea.

He shot some footage for you to drool over for his "Urban Chat Webisode". You can check that out here.

I think we're all in agreement that ticket scalpers are pretty scummy. But when CHRIS YOUNG found out they were making bank outside his show last Thursday in 
Nashville, he saw the bright side.

Chris told his audience that he never thought he'd be famous enough for scalpers to make money off him. (Country Weekly)

JUSTIN MOORE is headlining a concert for the victims of Hurricane Sandy. The show is going down November 27th in
Nashville. Justin's buddies Jake Owen, Thomas Rhett and Randy Houser will also perform. You can grab details here.

DEANA CARTER has filed for legal separation from her husband, Brandon Malone. They have no children . . . although Deana has an eight-year-old son from a previous relationship.

GARTH BROOKS fans can look forward to his first full-scale tour in more than a decade in the fall of 2014. According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, Garth will launch the trek just a few months after his youngest daughter graduates high school in May 2014. Garth wrapped up his one-man show at the Wynn Las Vegas over the weekend, but he is reportedly returning to the resort for a special performance in the coming months.

The Las Vegas Review-Journal also reports that Garth is keeping the private jet Steve Wynn provided to shuttle him back and forth from Oklahoma to Las Vegas for the concerts.

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--Billy Mac: Tonight's DA Of The Day!! - This guy wanted to go to EPCOT.. I mean

I could see someone committing a federal crime to get into Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom for free. MAYBE even Universal Studios. But not Epcot. Anything but Epcot.

Last week, 74-year-old Emerito Pujol of MiamiFlorida was in Orlando and really wanted to get into Epcot for free. So he decided to IMPERSONATE A FEDERAL OFFICER to get in.

Emerito flashed a FAKE BADGE and said he was an undercover federal officer who was pursuing a suspect inside. When a second employee came over, Emerito changed the story and said he was, quote, "guarding someone important."

They called over a sheriff's deputy . . . and at that point, Emerito admitted he wasn't an officer. He got his fake badge for contributing to a nonprofit group called the American Federation of Police.

He was arrested for unlawful use of a police badge, falsely impersonating an officer, and petty theft.


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--Billy Mac: Today's DA Of The Day - Um.... I Don't Think She Gets It


I think this woman is VERY confused about how elections work. But she'll have a lot of time to research that in prison.

On Saturday, 28-year-old Holly Solomon of MesaArizona got into a massive fight with her husband, Daniel. Turns out Daniel didn't vote. And Holly blamed HIM for PRESIDENT OBAMA's re-election.

Yes, even though MITT ROMNEY won the state of Arizona by more than 200,000 votes and STILL lost the election handily . . . it was Daniel's ONE vote that would've changed EVERYTHING.

Holly was upset because she believed their family was going to face hard times with Obama's re-election. So apparently she jumpstarted those hard times . . . by RUNNING OVER HER HUSBAND with her Jeep.

He's still in critical condition, but is expected to make a full recovery. Holly was arrested for domestic violence and aggravated assault. She was NOT under the influence at the time.

Good thing when she's making no money in prison and her husband's still in the hospital. Obamacare will be there to keep him alive.


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--Billy Mac: Today's Twang Town Lowdown!

With as much press as Twilight hunk ROBERT PATTINSON gets, you'd think he'd know a celebrity when he meets one. But that wasn't the case when he missed his chance to get a personal guitar lesson from . . . BRAD PAISLEY.

On last Thursday's Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, Rob admitted that he thought Brad was an employee at a Nashvilleguitar shop where they were both picking out instruments.

Rob was only passing through Music City and made a pit stop to purchase a few new instruments. The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part Two opens November 16th.

TOBY KEITH opened up a little more about last summer's gall bladder surgery. Like a lot of guys, he tried to man-up at first . . . and then it brought him to his knees and he HAD to get 'er done.

Toby said, quote, "I had an attack [that] I thought was weird indigestion back in December. Then it was gone for three months and I didn't think anything about it. I thought it was a cramp.

"Then in March I was on the golf course and by the third hole, I hit my drive and then started feeling that same thing I had three months earlier.

"Me and the guys hit our second shots and by the time I got to the green, I was doubled over, and dry heaving, broke out in a sweat.

"Everybody says when you have a gall bladder attack, it feels like a heart attack. And I didn't think it was that bad. It felt like a stomach cramp."

LUKE BRYAN has a case of song envy over BLAKE SHELTON'S "Who Are You When I'm Not Looking?"

In the new issue of People Country, he laments passing up a chance to record it. Luke says, "I heard it too, then I heard Blake's version and was like, 'Dang! I should have recorded it.' Blake did a good job on it."

Luke also reveals that his favorite karaoke song is Lionel Richie's "All Night Long." "It's my go-to karaoke song. I crushed it."


MIRANDA LAMBERT isn't the only animal lover in the family. Miranda Tweeted a photo of her dad holding a small dog he rescued from the side of the road.

She wrote, quote, "Meet my new brother Roadie. He was on the side of the road by my dad's deer camp! Dad's a sucker like me!" 

LADY ANTEBELLUM recorded a PSA for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. They're hoping to raise awareness and money for the cause.



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--Billy Mac: Today's DA Of The Day -- What Did You Say About My Mama?

20-year-old Maria Badea is a stripper. Apparently, she was having some trouble getting guys for lap dances.

Maria worked at the French Pussycat Club in London. Back in February, she was REALLY upset that guys didn't want lap dances from her, and all seemed to gravitate to another Romanian stripper, named Gina.

Maria ended up confronting her . . . then HEADBUTTED her and punched her in the face.

And during the fight, Maria shouted THE biggest Romanian insult: Quote, "I will [eff] your mother."

Gina needed surgery on her nose, and missed a month of work. Maria is now on trial for assault.


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--Billy Mac: Kenny Chesney Announces The No Shoes Nation Tour
Kenny Chesney, who's played a country-world record 85 stadium shows in his career, makes it to over 100 with today's announcement of 17 stadium dates on his 'No Shoes Nation' Tour, which starts Saturday, March 16 at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida. More 'No Shoes Nation' tour dates will be announced in the coming months. 

The Corona Light Presents Kenny Chesney's 'No Shoes Nation' Tour, starring Kenny Chesney, will feature special guest Eric Church - whose critically-acclaimed album 'Chief' was named 'Album of the Year' at the 2012 CMA Awards - as well as Eli Young Band and Kacey Musgraves. Several tour dates will also feature the GRAMMY-Award winning Zac Brown Band, whose latest album 'Uncaged' debuted at #1 on the Billboard Top 200 (see tour dates below for details).

"I believe what we've created on the road is something special," says Chesney, "the fans, myself, the band, the crew. But it's really the fans who have given us a wonderful, unique life. What we've all built together is the 'No Shoes Nation.' There is no better name for this tour." 

'No Shoes Nation' marks 20 years of touring for Chesney, who Billboard declares is "The biggest ticket seller in country music and among the elite touring artists in the world," and comes on the heels of his wildly successful 2012 'Brothers of the Sun' Tour, which blew away more than 1.1 million fans across the country - his 10th consecutive tour to hit that ticket sale milestone. 

For specific on-sale information visit

Kenny Chesney is once again teaming up with CID Entertainment to offer very special VIP packages for the 2013 tour. Guests will choose from either Sandbar or Premium Reserved seating and have access to the pre-game tailgate party featuring a buffet of Kenny's favorite food, drinks and music. New to this year's program is an exclusive VIP only entrance and exit for the Sandbar as well as new gift items including a Kenny Chesney "Coach's Hoodie", an exclusive stadium seat cushion and more. Travel packages including hotel accommodations and shuttle transportation will also be available for each date ( for more information).

Sat. Mar 16 -- Tampa, FL - Raymond James Stadium^ 
Sat. May 4 -- Columbia, SC - Williams Brice Stadium*
Sat. May 11 -- Dallas, TX -- Dallas Cowboys Stadium^ 
Sat. May 18 -- Milwaukee, WI -- Miller Park^
Sat. May 25 -- Landover, MD -- FedExField^ 
Sat. Jun 1 -- Seattle, WA CenturyLink Field^ 
Sat. Jun 8 -- Philadelphia, PA -- Lincoln Financial Field^ 
Sat. Jun 15 -- Kansas City, MO -- Arrowhead Stadium^ 
Sat. Jun 22 -- Pittsburgh, PA - Heinz Field^ 
Sat. Jun 29 -- Columbus, OH Crew Stadium^ 
Fri. Jul 12 -- Minneapolis, MN -- Target Field* 
Sat. Jul 20 -- Denver, CO -- Sports Authority Field at Mile High^ 
Sat. Jul 27 -- Anaheim, CA -- Angels Stadium^ 
Sat. Aug 3 - Atlanta, GA -- Georgia Dome* 
Sat. Aug 10 -- East Rutherford, NJ -- MetLife Stadium^ 
Sat. Aug 17 -- Detroit, MI -- Ford Field^ 
Sat. Aug 24 -- Foxboro, MA -- Gillette Stadium^ 

* with Zac Brown Band, Eli Young Band, and Kacey Musgraves 
^ with Eric Church, Eli Young Band, and Kacey Musgraves

What the heck Kenny....NO COOKEVILLE or NASHVILLE date???? C'mon man....
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