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Web Nuggets: Reba Has a Weird Fear.... Strange Road Laws



Reba McEntire is comfortable whether she's on stage singing to a crowd or on a set performing in front of a camera, but she admits that both situations have their challenges. When it comes to acting Reba says she doesn't have too much trouble memorizing her lines, especially if they're conversational, but she tells the San Angelo Standard-Times, "If it's a paragraph of something such as a philosophy, it's hard for me to memorize." And when it comes to singing there are a few things that make her nervous. "The only time I get really nervous is when I have new shoes, a new outfit, lines I don't know, a new song I haven't learned really well," says Reba. She explains new shoes and new outfits make her nervous because, "You don't know if the shoes are going to be comfortable or if they are going to be slick and go with the outfit. Is the zipper going to break? Am I comfortable in it?"

You can see Reba in her sitcom, "Malibu Country," Friday nights on ABC.


We've got a list today of seven RIDICULOUS traffic laws that are REAL. At least Yahoo SAYS they're real. Sometimes it seems like these things only exist on the Internet, but they've been copied-and-pasted so many times people believe they're real.


Anyway, let's not let our jaded skepticism ruin something this stupid. Here are seven U.S. traffic laws that are real, as far as we know:


#1) If you're convicted of a DUI in New Jersey, you're permanently banned from getting a personalized vanity license plate.


#2) It's illegal to ride a camel on the highway in Nevada.


#3) It's illegal to drive barefoot in Alabama.


#4) It's illegal to drive with a GORILLA in your backseat in Massachusetts.


#5) If you tie an elephant to a parking meter in Florida, you have to pay the meter just like you would for a car.


#6) It's illegal to wipe your car with USED UNDERWEAR in San Francisco.


#7) It's illegal to drive NAKED in Sag HarborNew York. Leave the sagging to the harbor, amiright?  Hellloooo? ANYONE???

If Your Spouse Asks You How They Look....Lie

It's always nice when a survey confirms what we've always suspected. And this is one of those times:              

According to a new survey by a coupon website, when your spouse asks you if they look good in an outfit . . . it's a TRAP.             

Most people don't ask because they trust their partner's fashion sense . . . they want a confidence boost by hearing how good they look.

89% of people have asked their partner if they looked okay after getting dressed to go somewhere. But they don't REALLY want to know what their significant other thinks.

61% of people have an answer in mind when they ask the question . . . and they want their partner to tell them they look good . . . even if it's a LIE.


Mindy McCready opens up about the death of her boyfriend, producer/musician David Wilson, in a new interview with NBC's Andrea Canning of "Dateline."

Authorities said Wilson was found dead of a gunshot wound on Jan. 14 on the porch of the couple's home in Heber Springs, Ark. At the time, police said they responded to Wilson's home after receiving a report of a self-inflicted gunshot. The investigation, though, remains open, and murder hasn't been ruled out.

When Canning sat down with the country singer, she asked, "For the record, did you kill David? Did you shoot David?"

"Oh my God, no. Oh my God, no. He was my life," McCready, said. "We were each other's life."

When Canning asked if McCready, 38, was "100 percent" certain that Wilson had committed suicide and had not been murdered, McCready said, "I don't know."

Calling Wilson her "soul mate," McCready also detailed the moment during which she said she first found Wilson's body.

"I just started screaming, calling 911," she said. "I lay down next to him and just just pleaded with him not to die."

She also blasted reports that Wilson had been cheating on her.

"David was not having an affair with another woman," she said. "That is absolutely totally untrue."

Police, meanwhile, haven't named McCready, or anyone else, as a suspect in Wilson's death. Authorities are awaiting lab results in order to determine if Wilson's death was caused by a self-inflicted gunshot wound or murder.

McCready made headlines in 2011 in the wake of controversy surrounding custody over her son, 7-year-old Zander, whose father is country artist Bill McKnight.

McCready's debut album came out in 1996. She released her most recent studio album, "I'm Still Here," in 2010.


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Twang Town Lo-down


You may have heard of an American hero named BRENDAN MARROCCO. He's a soldier who lost all four limbs in a bomb blast while serving in Iraq. Six weeks ago he became the first double arm transplant at Baltimore's Johns HopkinsHospital.

Well, during a recent interview he mentioned he'd like to shake hands with BLAKE SHELTON.

When Blake heard about it he hit up Twitter and wrote, "Wow. Speechless. I will make this happen!"

He also Tweeted, "Hey Brendan. I can't WAIT to shake the hand of an American Hero/Stud. You my brother."

Blake's promise got back to Brendan . . . and he wrote, quote, "Holy mother of God! I can't wait. I'm a huge fan and really looking forward to it. Thank you."

No word yet when the handshake will take place.


When TIM MCGRAW gave up the firewater five years ago, it wasn't because somebody gave him an ultimatum . . . or because he hit rock bottom. He just figured it was time.

He tells "People", quote, "I drank a lot from my point of view and I needed to stop. I felt quitting was something I needed to do. I didn't feel I had any moral high ground with my kids in the long run."

As we saw in those tractor tire workouts last summer, Tim replaced his alcohol high with grueling physical workouts. He adds, quote, "Working out is a great way to go out on stage. When I hit the stage, my adrenaline is going and I'm ready."

Tim's full interview and some sexy photos will be in tomorrow's edition of "People".

You can watch a behind-the-scenes video of Tim's photo shoot here. Scroll down about half way and then click on People TV.


JOHNNY CASH is being honored with his own Forever stamp as part of the post office's Music Icons series. Johnny's stamp features a photo of him taken back in1963.

For more info, click on Johnny's name at this link.


EMMYLOU HARRIS has pleaded "not guilty" to hitting another car on the 405 freeway in California back on October 1st . . . and then leaving the scene.

Her overpriced attorney claims it was just a "garden-variety accident" and Emmylou only left because she didn't even realize she'd hit another car.


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D.A. Of The Day

In this woman's defense, when you test drive a car, you SHOULD try to simulate how you'd use the car in your everyday life.

In MantecaCalifornia, a 51-year-old woman named Gail Castle took a car on a test drive to a bank . . . so she could ROB IT.

A few weeks ago, Gail showed up at an 83-year-old man's house and asked if she could buy his1994 Chrysler 5th Avenue. It wasn't for sale, but he figured why not? She asked if he'd go with her on a test drive to a Bank of America, and he said okay.

She went into the bank, handed the teller a robbery note, got about $2,000, then went back to the car. She asked the old man to drive, and he did . . . not realizing she'd just turned him into her GETAWAY DRIVER.

As he pulled into his driveway, cops SWARMED the car with guns drawn. Fortunately, they quickly put together what had happened. They let the old man go and Gail tried to run. They hit her with a Taser to the left breast and she stopped.

She's been arrested and charged with bank robbery, resisting arrest, and elder abuse.

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The Wednesday D.A.

An attempted armed carjacking in Orlando, Florida, didn't go as planned for two thugs when they realized after they had commandeered a high-performance sports car that neither one of them knew how to drive a stick shift.

Randolph Bean was sitting in his 2002 Millennium Yellow Zo6 Corvette Sunday evening with the ignition off outside the Orlando Regional Medical Center when he saw two men approaching the car in his rear view mirror and noticed they had a gun pointed at him.

Bean said one guy yanked the door open and half-dragged him out and demanded he get on the ground.

Bean said while he was being held at gunpoint by one suspect, the second man jumped in the driver's seat and attempted to steal the car but couldn't figure out how to start it. Bean stated, "The guy started screaming at me, 'How do I start the car?'" Bean says he told the would-be carjackers, "It's got a standard transmission, so you have to push in the clutch when you start it. "

Bean said the suspect didn't know what a clutch was and became more enraged. When the suspect holding Bean at gunpoint told his accomplice it was a stick, and the two frustrated thieves fled with Bean's keys, wallet and cell phone.


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Wednesday's Twang Town Lowdown

Mindy McCready a NO SHOW at Memorial Service:


A memorial service for Mindy McCready's life partner, David Wilson, was held January 19 in Fayetteville, Arkansas. E! News notes that the country singer and the nine-month-old son she had with Wilson, Zayne, did not attend.

A friend of Wilson's tells E! News, "She might have wanted to deal with it in her own way." The source adds, "I think she wanted something more private with her family in Heber Springs."

Wilson, who was 34, died January 13 after authorities responded to his Heber Springs home on a report of a self-inflicted gunshot wound.


Zac Brown Band Is Headed To Daytona!

Zac Brown Band has signed on to perform the Daytona 500 Budweiser Pre-Race show at the Daytona International Speedway on Sunday, February 24. The race will broadcast live that afternoon at 12 p.m. CSTon Fox, and Zac Brown Band member Clay Cook has been tapped to sing the national anthem at the big event.

Zac Brown Band is just the latest big-name act to play the pre-race concert at the Daytona 500, following the likes of Brad Paisley, Keith Urban, Tim McGraw, Bon Joviand Kelly Clarkson.

For more information on tickets, including a Zac Brown Band VIP package, go

Keith And Nicole Connect Via DVR

Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman make a point to be with each other as much as possible, but sometimes their relationship happens virtually when they're on opposite sides of the globe. That's exactly what happened Sunday when Keith got to their house in Sydney, Australia and turned on the TV to see his wife walk the red carpet at the Screen Actors Guild Awards in Los Angeles.

"I got to see what she was wearing," Keith tells Sydney's Daily Telegraph. "I hit pause on one shot and stood there staring at her...and started crying. I hated the fact she was there without me, on her own."

Keith and Nicole were reunited Monday in Sydney, but they didn't have much downtime. Keith's Australian tour continues Thursday in Sydney.

Did Bradley Cooper shoot Taylor Down?


Now that Taylor Swift's unattached, all eyes are on who she'll date next...and apparently, it won't beBradley Cooper.

Speaking to Extra, the Oscar-nominated star of Silver Linings Playbook dismissed a recent report that he turned down a chance to get together with Taylor. The reportclaimed that Cooper's Silver Linings Playbook star, Jennifer Lawrence, approached him on Taylor's behalf to see if he'd be interested, but he said no. Why? Because, claimed the report, Cooper feels Taylor's too young for him, and he didn't want to get involved with a "serial dater."But Cooper called B.S. on the whole report, telling Extra, "Crazy, never met her, that's not even true at all… that's completely made up." Cooper was obviously familiar with the story, because he added, "Somebody said that she talked to Jen? Yeah, not true." Here's video of Bradley putting the kabash on the rumor.

Luke Bryan Is Ready For Spring Break....Part 5


Luke Bryan has collected the tracks from his four Spring Break EPs for his new album,Spring Break…Here to Party, due out March 5. The set also includes two new songs, and Luke loves being able to deliver these fun and sometimes racier songs to his fans.

"We kind of write 'em with college kids and Spring Break and that whole party theme in mind," Luke says. "I think it's fun to put out songs that, you know, just to get some new music out there for fans and more opportunities for them to have a different type of music from me."

Luke is also set to play his annual concerts at Spinnaker's Beach Club in Panama City, Florida, March 12 and 13. Last year, more than 40,000 fans flocked to the beachfront shows each day. Luke will also play a show on his Dirt Road Diaries tour at the Amphitheatre at the Wharf in Orange Beach, Alabama, on March 14.


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Wednesday's Web Nuggets

A Country Legend Enters Rehab:

Randy Travis has checked into rehab at an alcohol treatment center according to his attorney, Larry Friedman.
Friedman told TMZ, that while in treatment, Randy will continue recording and release two new albums by the end of the year!

He also says that sobriety is paying off, as album sales have increased and his bookings are at an all-time high.

We wish Randy all the best!!

Thompson Square Having a Run Of Bad Luck


Thompson Square are OK after a small tour bus accident after a show in Florida. Keifer and Shawna were close to home when another vehicle hit their tour bus. No word if anyone else was on the bus. Thankfully no one was injured.

The couple updated fans on Twitter, posting, "Well, the bus saga continues… 5:30 a.m. -- someone just blindsided us 20 minutes from home #Awesome."


And The story doesn't end there... Last week the duo were filming the video for their new single and something went wrong sending Shawna's stand in to the hospital and leaving Keifer with quite the battle scar... Thankfully the injuries were superficial and all is well in the world of Thompson Square.
Look for the video for "If I Didn't Have You" to be on Bull TV very soon!

Best Video Ever:

Check out the moves this 7 month old is showin off while dancing to "Gangnam Style".. Too cute and guaranteed to put a smile on your face today!


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--Billy Mac: The Friday Twang Town Lo-down!

MINDY MCCREADY may be a suspect in the death of her boyfriend, David Wilson . . . who died from a gunshot wound to the head on January 13th. Up to now everyone's been calling it a suicide . . . except the police.

A sheriff's spokesman told "The National Enquirer", quote, "This is a very high-profile case and we need to make sure it's investigated as thoroughly as possible.

"It could take weeks for the state crime lab to complete their tests on Mr. Wilson's body, and if you'll notice, it was Mindy McCready's spokesperson . . . not anyone involved in the investigation . . . who made the determination that Mr. Wilson's death was due to a self-inflicted gunshot wound."

There are several things about the case that are suspicious. One is that Wilson's close friends said he was "in good spirits" . . . and that they were "clueless" as to why he'd want to kill himself.

And then there's the missing bullet. A source told "The Enquirer" that police couldn't find it until the next day. Did someone hide it? Bullets can be traced to the gun they're fired from . . . so whoever owns that gun could be a suspect.

But the biggest bombshell is that Wilson was allegedly CHEATING on Mindy. The source said, quote, "David had been carrying on an affair for many weeks before the shooting. When Mindy found out, it fueled a lot of very heated fights.

"The tension in their household became so unbearable that David packed up and left. He returned several days later to tell Mindy that he was going to leave her for good."

Police in Heber SpringsArkansas, have NOT named any suspects . . . but that could change. The source added, quote, "There [are] a lot of elements to the case that police feel simply don't seem to add up."


THOMAS RHETT has seen enough singers screw up the National Anthem . . . that it's scared him away from even trying it.

He says, quote, "I don't sing the National Anthem. I love my country, I support my country, I support the troops but that is the one song I can't . . . I can't do it, because if you mess up you're done!"


TOBY KEITH loves playing his Japanese made Takamine guitar . . . so the company created his own signature model. It's called the EF250TK . . . and it has features like a "full-sounding jumbo body" and a "solid spruce top with maple back and sides".

Sounds good to me. Here is a picture of this beautiful guitar that retails for around $3600.00

Toby Keith EF250TK

CHELY WRIGHT and her lovely wife Lauren Blitzer-Wright are expecting twins. And it looks like Lauren is the one wearing the pants in that family . . . at least for now . . . because Chely is the pregnant one.

Chely and Lauren revealed the big news on a gay issues YouTube show called "Gwissues". Get it? They put the words "gay", "women" and "issues" together and got Gwissues. Well, that's my "gwuess".

Anyway, Chely said, quote, "We're excited to be parents and we hope we don't mess it up too badly! We feel like God blessed us with twins. We feel our entire relationship has been blessed. We feel lucky and ready to take on the challenges."

The babies are due in July, but Chely said identical twins come a month early, so now you know.

You can listen to Chely and Lauren's interview here. Skip to the 5:59 mark for the big announcement. You're "Gwelcome".



Does it matter to you if BEYONCÉ lip-synced her rendition of "The Star Spangled Banner" at PRESIDENT OBAMA'S inauguration on Monday? It certainly doesn't to MIRANDA LAMBERT. She's totally in Beyoncé's corner.

Miranda was at an event yesterday sponsored by Pedigree dog food . . . when she started talking about her dream duet partners.

She said, quote, "I would love to sing with KELLY CLARKSON if I ever get the guts . . . she's amazing. I sang with her onstage in Colorado and she was, I just wanted to crawl in a hole.

"I saw Kelly's Twitter and she was hanging out with Beyoncé at the inauguration, I was like 'Really? My two favorite girls?'"

That's when someone asked Miranda for her take on the controversy . . . and she answered, quote, "I don't think it matters. It's Beyoncé, she can do whatever the hell she wants!"


CARRIE UNDERWOOD'S "Two Black Cadillacs" video debuted last night. You can check it out here.


TIM MCGRAW will be taping an "all star" concert special on April 8th called "ACM Presents: Tim McGraw's Superstar Summer Night".

According to his website, you can expect country, pop and rock performers . . . plus "special guests" from TV and the movies. It's going to air sometime later this year on CBS.

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Tonight's DA Of The Day...She REALLY wants that blanket

I'm sure that MILLIONS of couples get into arguments every single night over one person hogging the covers. But try to keep some perspective. This woman didn't.

On Wednesday night, 42-year-old Tina Berryhill Rucker of Myrtle BeachSouth Carolina was in bed with her 49-year-old boyfriend. He kept pulling the majority of their blanket over to his side. And Tina responded by . . . CHOKING HIM OUT.

He got away and called the police, and they found BLOOD and SCRATCHES on his neck.

Tina was arrested for domestic violence. No word on who won the tug-of-war over the covers.


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Friday's Twang Town Lo-Down

By all accounts, last year was a career year for BLAKE SHELTON. He filmed two seasons of "The Voice" . . . did Christmas special and dropped a holiday CD. 

And yet . . . it almost drove him over the edge. He recently talked about a moment last year where he wanted to chuck it all in.

He said, quote, "Oh my God. It sucked. I don't care who wants me to say that or not. 

"I mean, I was doing season three of 'The Voice', Season 4 of 'The Voice', CMAs, and my Christmas special all within like three weeks of each other. 

"And there was one point where I called my manager, and was like, that's it. I quit. I just quit. Figure it out. I'm going home."

Obviously, someone talked Blake off the cliff and made him realize he could do it. Quote, "It's like you get to that point where you're like, well, okay. We're all learning, figuring out how to balance being a maturing country artist."

Today's edition of "Why TAYLOR SWIFT and HARRY STYLES broke up" is so out there . . . I'm kind of believing it.

According to, Harry got tired of Taylor because she's boring . . . and because she hardly ever gave up the goods. He was tired of her asexual ways.

A so-called source said, quote, "Taylor is so concerned that the public will think she's a floozy because she dates around, that she doesn't put out. What she doesn't get is that the guys keep dumping her because she's being a prude."

Apparently there was also a huge difference in their lifestyles. Harry is all about partying . . . but Taylor's more of a homebody who likes to talk about antiques. 

In case you missed it . . . BRAD PAISLEY rolled out a silly new song called "The Ballad of Honey Boo Boo" on Wednesday night's "Jimmy Kimmel Live".


EASTON CORBIN is learning that a country music career is more than just singing. 

He says, quote, "It's definitely a business. I would love for it to be about the music all the time. Unfortunately, that's not the case. The stage time is the least time in what I do, even if it is the most fun." (

CRAIG MORGAN will make his second appearance on the Travel Channel’s Hotel Impossible on Monday.

On the show, Craig joins hospitality guru Anthony Melchiorri on a mission to update YakutatAlaska’s Glacier Bear Lodge. The destination is known for its world-class fishing, but the owners . . . all avid fishermen . . . lack experience as hoteliers and the place is crumbling around them.

Hotel Impossible airs Monday at 9 p.m. on the Travel Channel.

Country's Hottest NEW duo.....TRAVOLTA & URBAN:

Keith Urban and John Travolta teamed up at the Montage Hotel in Beverly Hills to sing, The Beatles- Yesterday, together.

The unlikely pair were both at the hotel for a Quantas Airlines event and the crowd was loving every minute of their impromptu performance.

Check it out below:

Goin' Platinum!!

Hunter Hayes, Lee Brice and Gary Allan all have gone platinum!! Hunter Hayes has been certified double platinum for 2 million digital downloads. Lee Brice's "Love Like Crazy" has reached platinum for 1 million downloads. This is his third platinum single following "Hard To Love" and "A Woman Like You." Allan's "Every Storm" has gone gold for 500,000 digital downloads. But will most likely hit platinum.


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Friday's DA Of The Day!


One of THE biggest criticisms of Instagram is that it's all just people posting photos of their dogs, babies, and meals. We can't do anything about the dogs and babies. But THIS might be a good lesson about posting endless photos of food.

This week, 44-year-old Nathanial Maye of Fort LauderdaleFlorida was arrested . . . and some credit goes to a photo of a steak he posted on Instagram.

On Monday night, Nathanial and his girlfriend, 34-year-old Tiwanna Thomason, went to Morton's Steakhouse with friend . . . who was working undercover for the IRS.

Nathanial was suspected of running an identity theft ring. And at the dinner, he gave his friend a flash drive with 46 stolen identities on it. He ALSO took a photo of his steak and posted it on Instagram with the caption "Morton's."

Nathanial and Tiwanna were arrested on Tuesday night. And prosecutors will be able to use the photo of the steak to prove it really WAS Nathanial at Morton's giving the stolen identities to the IRS's cooperating witness.

Nathanial and Tiwanna are both facing federal identity theft charges.

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Web Nuggets for Thursday

I'm Sorry... Is That a Tail? On. A. Human....

You know how your dog wags his tail when he's happy? Well, now you can too.

The tail for humans, called TAILLY, is attached to a belt that you wear around your waist. The belt has sensors that read your heart rate . . . and the tail will move according to your mood.

The developer, Shota Ishwatari, just finished up a Kickstarter campaign with the hopes of releasing Tailly by August; unfortunately, the page says "funding unsuccessful." Hopefully he can wag up a little more interest.


You Sick Bro?

This year's flu outbreak is expected to be REALLY bad. So when you catch it, there's a new free Facebook app that can help you figure out which one of your friends infected you. If only they could come up with the same thing for syphilis.

The app is called "Help, I Have the Flu" and it analyzes your friends' profiles for signs that they're sick.

It looks for words in status updates like "sneezing" and "coughing." It also looks at people who've been making lots of late-night posts, because it figures people who are sleep deprived are at a higher risk of getting sick.

Then the app reports back to you on who most likely got you sick.

You can install the app at


Don't Forkin' Judge Me

Do we really need machines judging us for being chubby and happy?
The Consumer Electronics Show is going on right now in Las Vegas.
And a new device that's getting a lot of attention is the HAPIfork . . . which is being pitched as a "SMART FORK" that will help you lose weight.By judging you.
The fork uses built-in sensors to monitor how much food you're putting on the fork, how many forkfuls of food you're eating per minute, and how long you're pausing between shoveling bites of food into your mouth.

If you're putting too much on the fork or eating more than once every 10 seconds, it buzzes at you as a sign that you need to reel it in.

You can also download the data from the fork so you, or your doctor, can monitor your eating habits.The fork costs $99 and is set to go on sale in the spring.

Ladies, do you need a reminder to keep the "girls" healthy?

Hearing a doctor explain how to self examine and why you should self examine can be boring and confusing. Not anymore! THIS is the must see video that ALL ladies should watch. You WON'T forget how/why after seeing THIS! Here's to a smart and healthy 2013 girls!


 Walk Off The Earth has a killer cover over Taylor Swift's latest big hit "I Knew You Were Trouble" and they got some help from master beat boxer KRNFX. SO SO GOOD!


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Thursday's DA...Dude...Just go to work already...

This story HAS to be a metaphor for how your job OWNS YOUR SOUL.

On Tuesday morning, a 22-year-old man from WashingtonPennsylvania was on the way to work and decided to try to KILL HIMSELF. The man's name and job weren't released. Only his suicidal intentions.

First, he tried jumping out of his moving car. But he survived. So he went to Plan B . . . and hopped a guard rail, right into the path of a tractor-trailer. It hit him and knocked him out of his shoes . . . but he was able to WALK away.

Apparently, that was enough of a sign that this wasn't the morning where he was going to be able to successfully kill himself . . . so the guy grabbed his shoes, slid down a hill, and walked to work. WHERE HIS SOUL BELONGED.

He did end up going to the hospital, where he's still recovering.


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Thursday's Twang Town Lo-Down

Everyone knows that MARIAH CAREY and NICKI MANAJ were beefing during the "American Idol" audition rounds . . . so it's no surprise to hear that the show's producer, NIGEL LYTHGOE, would like you to believe KEITH URBAN is also acting ornery.

Lythgoe told some TV critics at a press event that Keith and fellow judge RANDY JACKSON have had their share of fights. Keith was there too and he agreed, adding, quote, "We have gone at it."

And then in a separate interview Lythgoe took it even further.

He said, quote, "When it's (Keith's) turn to speak, he gives his mind and he won't put up with anybody else knocking a kid down. He's had rows with Mariah, Randy and Nicki . . . a big one with Nicki."

We may never know why TAYLOR SWIFT and HARRY STYLES broke up . . . but that's not stopping everyone on the planet from jumping on rumors and speculation.

Here are a couple theories being passed along by Perez Hilton.

One is that Taylor was too "intense" for Harry. She was jealous of his fans and his fame . . . and that he was still "openly close" with his ex-girlfriend, a chick named Caroline Flack.

A so-called source said, quote, "It all became too much and Harry found her a little too demanding. Taylor probably engineered the split but Harry held all the cards in the relationship."

Other sources said that while Taylor and Harry were fighting she blurted out, "You're lucky to even be with me." That, supposedly, sealed the deal on their breakup.

And since we are already talkin' about Tay-Tay... How about the dress she wore on The People's Choice Award show last night... What do ya'll think? Too much skin? My take on it is Taylor is a beautiful, mature young woman and the dress isn't THAT revealing.. I think it's pretty glam for her.. So I give it a thumbs up!


Okay, SHANIA TWAIN fans . . . if visiting the Shania Twain Centre is on your bucket list . . . well, you better get there.

The city of TimminsOntario, which is where it's located, obviously . . . is thinking seriously about shutting it down. (Full Story)

KELLY CLARKSON will be performing "My Country, 'Tis of Thee" at PRESIDENT OBAMA'S inauguration on January 21st.

BEYONCE will also be there singing the National Anthem . . . and JAMES TAYLOR will perform "America the Beautiful". (USA Today)

LEANN RIMES has released the video to her song "Borrowed". It's from her new album "Spitfire", which is due out April 30th.

Justin Moore and Josh Thompson's name have been mentioned in an indictment of three Blackfeet tribal leaders who have been charged with hosting illegal big-game hunts in northwestern Montana for a film crew and several country stars including Justin and Josh. The hunts took place in 2010 and 2011 and according to The Washington Post, "Federal prosecutors allege the hunts were unlicensed and the men illegally sold the tribe's wildlife, but supporters say the hunts were organized to boost the poverty-stricken reservation's economy and raise its profile." The three men have pleaded not guilty to six felony counts that include conspiracy, the illegal sale of tribal wildlife, theft from a tribal government receiving federal funds and making false statements. Justin and Josh have been mentioned in the court documents because they were part of the hunts, but they are not facing any charges.

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Keith Urban's Favorite Songs


KEITH URBAN: Lists Favorite Songs From 2012 and will participate in AI preview event:

Keith Urban is all abuzz over a Swedish electro-pop duo, two fellows from Down Under, a Frenchman, The Rolling Stones, Katy Perry and six country acts in a list of his favorite 12 songs of 2012. He writes in a note to fans, “What a phenomenal year this has been. As we come to the end of 2012…I thought I’d attempt to single out some songs that I really loved this year for all kinds of reasons.”
  • “Springsteen” by Eric Church
  • “Somebody That I Used to Know” by Gotye
  • “Dirt Road Anthem” by Jason Aldean
  • “Pontoon” by Little Big Town
  • “Wide Awake” by Katy Perry
  • “I Love It” by Icona Pop
  • “Fastest Girl in Town” by Miranda Lambert
  • “Cruise” by Florida Georgia Line
  • “I Knew You Were Trouble” by Taylor Swift
  • “Titanium” by David Guetta
  • “Doom and Gloom” by The Rolling Stones
  • “Brother” by Matt Corby
Keith will participate in an American Idol pre-screening event January 9th. The season premiere will be shown in movie theaters in 11 cities, and immediately following, Keith, host Ryan Seacrest, Mariah Carey, Randy Jackson and Nicki Minaj will do an interactive Q&A on

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