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Well . . . at least this guy knows his mom can't give him a guilt trip for getting arrested.

Around 1:00 A.M. on Sunday, a 27-year-old from Newmarket in OntarioCanada was pulled over and arrested for drunk driving. He was taken to the station, and when he was released a few hours later, he called his MOM to come pick him up.

So his 53-year-old mother got in her car to go get him. But when she got there, the SAME COP smelled alcohol on HER breath, and gave her a breathalyzer. Even though it was around 4:00 A.M., SHE was drunk too.

So the mother was ALSO arrested for drunk driving. Both of them had their licenses suspended, and are due in court next month.


Today's Twang Town Lowdown is ALL About George Strait. Here's a list of 10 Facts you MAY or MAY NOT know about the KING OF COUNTRY MUSIC:

#1) Some of his best songs never reached Number One.

He's had 59 #1 singles, which is more than any artist in any genre . . . but songs like "Run", "The Fireman", "True", "You'll Be There" and "Wrapped" never topped the country chart.

#2) Having so many #1 singles isn't the only record that George holds.

Yes, George's 59 Number Ones are impressive . . . but he also has the most CMA and ACM wins and nominations in country music history.

#3) His son Bubba got him back into songwriting.

George says his one regret is that he stopped writing early in his career. Fortunately, his son Bubba got him back into it for his album "Twang". They co-wrote "Arkansas Dave", and George ended up co-writing two other songs on that album . . . plus he co-wrote seven songs on his album "Here for a Good Time".

#4) He is NOT a member of the Grand Ole Opry.

We don't know exactly why . . . but it may be because the Opry demands artists give them a commitment to play there, and George isn't keen on leaving his Texas ranch.

#5) His mother left him at a young age.

When his parents divorced, George's mother took her daughter but NOT her sons. His father raised George and his brothers.

#6) George didn't think "Living And Living Well" was a hit.

George almost didn't record it, but he's glad he did. He said, quote, "Obviously, I was wrong, because it went to Number One."

#7) He isn't shy; he just doesn't like doing interviews.

Everybody wants a piece of George . . . but he prefers to spend as much time as possible focusing on family and music.

#8) His first movie role was in a terrorist action film.

George played himself in the 1982 movie "The Soldier". According to IMDB, it was about "terrorists taking over a plutonium bomb." George's scene involved a barroom brawl.

#9) George thinks of his late daughter when he sings "You'll Be There".

George's daughter Jenifer died in a car accident in 1986 at the age of 13. He doesn't talk much about the incident . . . but "USA Today" got him to admit he thinks of her when he sings that song.

#10) He served in the U.S. Army.

He enlisted in the Army in 1971, and was still in the army when he started performing with a group called Rambling Country.

George Strait will release his 40th Studio album May 14th and here is the artwork 

and track listing for the upcoming album - "Love Is Everything"

George Strait’s ‘Love Is Everything’ Track Listing:

1. ‘I Got a Car’
2. ‘Give It All We Got Tonight’
3. ‘Blue Melodies’
4. ‘I Just Can’t Go On Dying Like This’
5. ‘I Thought I Heard My Heart Song’
6. ‘That’s What Breaking Hearts Do’
7. ‘When Love Comes Around Again’
8. ‘The Night Is Young’
9. ‘Sittin’ on the Fence’
10. ‘I Believe’
11. ‘Love Is Everything’
12. ‘You Don’t Know What You’re Missing’
13. ‘When the Credits Roll’




Today's Ran-Dumb Stuff:


Get That Song Outta Your Head:

There's nothing worse than having an annoying SONG stuck in your head. Of course, that would never happen because of MY show. But if it does . . . scientists have finally figured out a way to get you some peace.

Dr. Ira Hyman is a music psychologist at Western Washington University. He just finished a study that found the best way to get a song out of your head is . . . solving a puzzle that's 'sort of' hard.

When you have a song stuck in your head, it's actually because that song is dominating your working memory.

When you force your brain to concentrate on something else, like a Sudoku puzzle or a video game, you can push the song out.

But if you pick a puzzle or a game that's too easy or too hard, it won't engage your mind enough. So as long as it's sort of hard, it should work.


Our Tax Dollars Hard At Work:

The IRS has acknowledged that it wasted $60,000 of taxpayers' money to make Star Trek and Gilligan's Island parody training videos of no value.

The Star Trek clip, a corny but ambitious effort which runs six minutes, was produced in an IRS studio in 2010 for a training and leadership conference. It mentions tax issues, but there is no way to claim that there are lessons to be learned from the clip, which was reportedly shown in 400 locations.

In a statement, the IRS admitted that the video "is not reflective of overall IRS video efforts, which provide critical information to taxpayers and cost-effective employee training critical to running the nation's tax system" and promised "tough new standards for videos."


If you've never heard the term "showrooming," it's when you go to a store, look around . . . then leave and buy the stuff you saw on Amazon or another website. Obviously, the stores HATE IT . . . and basically blame it for their decline in sales.

There are two options for stores. Option one, offer prices that compete with the Internet and provide customer service that websites can't equal. Or option two . . . THIS.

A health food grocery store in BrisbaneAustralia has started charging a $5 FEE for anyone who enters. If you buy something, the $5 is deducted from your bill. If you don't, they keep the money.

They started charging the fee in February, but the news started circulating online yesterday, when someone took a picture of the sign announcing the policy, and posted it on

The sign on the door says, quote, "There has been a high volume of people who use this store as a reference and then purchase goods elsewhere . . . [so] this store will be charging people a $5 fee per person for 'just looking.'"


Check Out What This Guy Does.....


The Most EPIC Golf FAILS EVER!!!

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On Saturday night, 26-year-old Jeffery Tyler Siegel of Jonesboro, Arkansas was on a date, taking a romantic walk through the Crowley's Ridge Nature Center. When suddenly, a KNIFE-WIELDING MANIAC attacked.

Jeffrey jumped in front of his date, told her to run, then stayed back to fight the guy off. He took two small slashes to the chest, but managed to make the guy run away.

The police and K9 units combed the area for hours, but couldn't find the knife-wielding maniac. Then they noticed Jeffrey saying things that didn't add up . . . and his date told them Jeffrey was texting right before the attack. So they figured it out . . .

Jeffrey had STAGED the entire thing to impress his date. The guy with the knife was really just his friend.

The police told Jeffrey if he admitted it they wouldn't file charges. He admitted it, they kept their word, and the case is closed.

Jeffrey's date was NOT impressed, by the way. She told a reporter that what he did was, quote, "not very heroic."

This story reminded me of a scene from one of my favorite Adam Sandler movies "Mr. Deeds" 


Garth & George To Honor Dick Clark At The ACM Awards...

GARTH BROOKS won the ACM Artist of the Decade for the 1990s . . . and GEORGE STRAIT won it for the 2000s. 

Well, at next month's ACMs they're performing together for the very FIRST TIME to help RENAME that award in honor of the great DICK CLARK.

It's going to be called "ACM Dick Clark Artist of the Decade".  The ACMs are April 7th.

Dick Clark pretty much made the ACMs what they are today. He produced the show from 1979 until his death, which was a week after last year's show.


Miranda accused of Shoplifting & Having "Anger Issues"


According to the "National Enquirer", MIRANDA LAMBERT threatened to punch some woman who accused her of shoplifting. The woman's name is Melanie Peden, and this happened back on March 5th.

It's not clear what Miranda is accused of stealing, but according to the story, it happened in Peden's store in TishomingoOklahoma, which is located a few doors down from Miranda's shop, the Pink Pistol.

Peden tells the "Enquirer", quote, "[Miranda] had a complete meltdown and threatened to 'punch me in the mouth' if I kept talking. I was stunned and a little bit scared too, because she was growling and yelling at me like a crazy lady.

"She's got a real anger problem and needs help. But I stood my ground and asked her to leave my store." Peden supposedly filed a police report the next day. There's been no comment from Miranda. 


I See A Duet Brewing With Katy Perry & Kacey Musgraves:

KACEY MUSGRAVE is a huge KATY PERRY fan . . . and fortunately for her, the feeling is mutual. As you know, Kacey's debut album "Same Trailer Different Park" dropped Tuesday, but Katy Perry was Tweeting props about it last month. 

Katy Tweeted, "Guys. One of my favorite new songwriters @KaseyMusgraves is putting out a full record full of GEMS! Preorder it."

Well, Kacey is STILL talking about the Tweet. She told CMT, quote "I almost killed myself standing in the street, rereading the Tweet over and over again, whenever she Tweeted about me because I'm just a really big fan.

"I mean, songwriter-wise, she is awesome, so it really meant a lot to me that she dug it." Could this open the door
to a duet between the two???? Let's hope so.....


Taylor Get Burgandy'd:

And now . . . a mashup of TAYLOR SWIFT'S "Trouble" . . . with the meltdown of WILL FERRELL'S "Anchorman" character Ron Burgundy. (Video)


Jason Aldean's video for "1994"

So you wanna learn how to "Diffie"? Well check out the video for the new song from Jason Aldean "1994" it has a bunch of cameo appearances by some country artists and hot chicks... But one person is missing...... JOE, JOE JOE DIFFIE.. That makes me kinda sad.. I wanted to see if he still is rockin' the mullet and the circa 70's 'stache....




Early Tuesday morning, police in KalamazooMichigan had a run in with a deer that was SUPPOSEDLY dead.

It happened while they were checking on some guy in a parked car outside a hotel. The man told the officers that he'd hit a deer earlier in the night . . . and that it was in the trunk of his car, so he could take it home and EAT it.

But sadly, he didn't get to do that. Because when one of the cops went to look in the trunk, the deer jumped out, stumbled around, then ran off into the woods.

There's dashboard footage of it online. It doesn't show what happened next, but the cops said the deer looked perfectly fine, and was probably just stunned.



According to a new study in the "British Medical Journal", coffee can SAVE LIVES and prevent accidents.  

Researchers in Australia studied long-haul truckers, and found that 43% of them drink coffee or use some other source of caffeine . . . like energy drinks or caffeine tablets . . . to stay awake and alert on long trips.  

And the truckers that use caffeine drive longer distances and sleep less than truckers who don't . . . but they're still SAFER.  

The truckers who used caffeine got into 63% FEWER accidents than the ones that didn't. And that was after adjusting for age and other factors that could have influenced the results.

The only thing that had MORE of an impact on accident rates was driving history. Drivers who'd already had one crash were 81% more likely to have another one.

Those Canadians.....

So the Canadians REALLY want to discourage folks from smoking... So they compare "social smoking" to.........farting in front of groups of people or "social farting"... Obviously the anti-smoking council in Canada is comprised of a staff who have the sense of humor of a 12 year old boy... But it makes for a funny video, so check it out....


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Monday BLOG

Earlier this month, 31-year-old Alfredo Malespini of BradfordPennsylvania got into a drunken fight with his wife over HIS affair.

And during the fight, Alfredo wanted to take off his wedding ring . . . but couldn't get it off his finger. So he switched to Plan B, which was . . . grabbing his GUN and SHOOTING the ring off his finger.

Believe it or not, that turned out poorly. Alfredo ended up blowing off most of his finger . . . but amazingly, the ring STAYED ON the MANGLED STUMP that was left.

He was taken to the hospital. There's no word on whether the doctors were able to reattach or repair his finger.

Alfredo was also arrested and charged with disorderly conduct and reckless endangerment. He'll make his first court appearance next week. 

Here's a photo of Alfredo. He works as a prison guard . . . or, at least, he used to before all this went down.


RYAN SEACREST and JULIANNE HOUGH have broken up. The split was amicable . . . she just got tired of his work schedule . . . which is pretty relentless.

A source says, quote, "He works all the time. He never sleeps. It's a lifestyle she couldn't handle anymore. Work always, always came first. She wants a more low-key life." Ryan is 38, Julianne is 24.

On Saturday, Julianne Tweeted a picture of herself with some friends, along with the hashtag "friends are the best therapy". One of those friends is Nina Dobrev from "The Vampire Diaries". (Instagram)

Just over a week ago, someone stole $100,000 worth of jewelry that Ryan had given Julianne from her car. I doubt that contributed to the split, but . . . it could be. 100-grand is like pocket change to Ryan . . . but it’s $100-GRAND!


TMZ ambushed WYNONNA at an airport, clearly trying to get her to talk smack about TAYLOR SWIFT. They started by asking her to name her favorite Taylor Swift song. Wynonna was stymied for 21 seconds before finally confessing, quote, "I don't know."

Then they asked if she thinks the media gives Taylor too hard of a time. Wynonna didn't hesitate on that one. She answered, quote, "I think the media gives everyone a hard time."

Okay, so then it was time to stir up some fake controversy by asking Wynonna if Taylor Swift "is country."  

Wynonna had a pretty good comeback for that. She said, quote, "Yeah, it all fits. It all fits together somehow. And you know what, she writes her own songs. Do you?"

Here's the video. It almost looks like Wynonna is ignoring the first question. She's gazing nowhere in particular while two random dudes have a loud conversation. And then, at 0:21 seconds in, she blurts out her answer.


BLAKE SHELTON learned some valuable TV insights when he played REBA MCENTIRE'S brother on "Malibu Country". He says, quote, "It was amazing to just see that world and see how they work. 

"It's a lot of just goofing off, but you've got to be a good goofer to do it right, and they've got the right ones." He was referring to the brilliant cast, which includes LILY TOMLIN and SARA RUE, who played Brenda on "Rules of Engagement".

Speaking of TV . . . Blake's new season of "The Voice" kicks off one week from tonight. After that, though . . . he's going to strap on the guitar and hit the road.

He says, quote, "As soon as the leash gives me a little slack from 'The Voice', I'm going straight back into touring. I can't see myself going from 'The Voice' into more television. I think there will at least be a break there."


In case you missed it . . . MIRANDA LAMBERT met the cast of "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo" before her concert last Thursday in MaconGeorgia.

Miranda Tweeted a photo of her and the show's 7-year-old star, and wrote, "You better RedNECKonize!" She also Tweeted a pic of her with the entire family.

Ran-DUMB Stuff:

Wanna Go To Mars?

If you've always dreamed of going into space, this could be an amazing opportunity. There's just one small catch . 

A private company called Mars One is looking for people to train for the next eight years, to go on their maiden voyage to Mars in September of 2022. For FREE!

But now, the catch: It's a one-way ticket. So if you sign up, you're basically signing up to DIE ON MARS.

A guy named Bas Landsdorp is the founder of Mars One. He says, quote, "The technology exists to get humans to Mars and keep them alive. The technology to bring humans from Mars back to Earth simply does not exist yet."

Once you're up on Mars, you'll be part of a human settlement and a community where you'll live out the rest of your life. (CBC)

On the bright side, there's no WAY your creditors can track you down. On the down side . . . EVERYTHING ELSE. You can email Bas and his team at


If you think you don't have a single bad habit, check out this list from "Prevention" magazine of four "healthy" habits that aren't actually that good for you.............


#1) You Come Home From Work and Immediately Get Your Chores Out of the Way. 

If your parents made you do your homework right after school, you might think it's the way to go. Because it does SEEM like a good habit.

The problem is, you don't give yourself time to unwind, so your body keeps pumping out the stress hormone cortisol. And research shows that higher levels of cortisol lead to more health issues in the long run.

So it's best to at least give yourself 20 or 30 minutes to unwind before you jump into something like doing taxes or cleaning the living room.


#2) "Hovering" When You're Using a Public Restroom. 
This one's for women who don't want to actually touch the seat with their skin. So they kind of stand in a squatting position.

The reason it's bad is because it causes the pelvic muscles to contract, which prevents you from fully emptying your bladder. And when you don't do that, you're more likely to get a urinary tract infection. So the best way to handle it is to use those paper seat liners. 


#3) You Brush Your Teeth Right After You Finish Eating. 

You've probably heard that you shouldn't brush right after you drink SODA, because soda softens your enamel, which can actually be brushed away.

But the same goes for ANYTHING that's highly acidic . . . including things like citrus fruit, tomatoes, and Gatorade. So if you have anything like that, you should wait at least 30 to 60 minutes before you brush.


#4) You Wash Your Pillowcases Once a Week. 
That's better than most people, but washing JUST your pillowcases won't necessarily protect you from dust mites . which about 10% of people are allergic to.

To really protect yourself, you have to wash the actual PILLOWS at least once a month in hot water . . . which most people NEVER do.

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Monday's Blog

Hillary Scott is having a.............

Chris and Hillary

Hillary Scott of Lady Antebellum has revealed that the baby she and her husband, Chris Tyrell, are expecting in July will be a little girl!  Hillary found out about her pregnancy the day before Thanksgiving and shared the news with the world a couple of weeks later because she said, “We have faith that this baby’s gonna be healthy and beautiful and perfect , so let’s just kind of let everybody in on our excitement.”   And she promised to let everybody in on the sex of the baby because she said, “Once we know, everybody will know. It won’t be a secret. I’m not good at keeping secrets.”

Lady Antebellum will release their new album, Golden, on May 7th and will be touring through mid-June before they take time off for Hillary to have her baby.


George Strait is a Sell Out.....

George Strait

George Strait is in the midst of the final tour of his career and fans are not taking any chances when it comes to getting tickets to his shows, which is why he set the record for the fastest and largest sell-out in the San Antonio Alamodome’s history on Saturday when he sold out over 72,000 tickets in just six minutes.  The show will take place on June 1st and will mark George’s eighth performance at the venue, which is affectionately referred to as, “The house they [the city] built for George.”  The first leg of George’s The Cowboy Rides Away Tour will wrap up at the Alamodome, with the second and final leg being announced in 2014.  For more information, visit

Taylor Swift Is Gettin' Paid!

Taylor Swift

Parade magazine has come out with their annual What People Earn issue and Taylor Swift earned a spot near the top of the list, earning $57 million in 2012.  That actually makes her the third highest paid woman in entertainment behind Oprah and Britney Spears.  Another country star who had an impressive year, thanks in part to his gig as a coach on NBC’s The Voice, is Blake Shelton.  According to Parade, he made an estimated $20 million in 2012, earning $75,000 per episode for his TV gig, in addition to concert ticket and music sales and endorsements.

In other Tay-tay news....Taylor Swift will kick off her Red Tour on Wednesday with a two-night stand in Omaha, Nebraska, but she got to town early and paid a surprise visit to a special little girl.  According to the Omaha World-Herald, Taylor made a special visit to Omaha’s Children’s Hospital & Medical Center to visit 10-year-old Lauren Hacker, who is a cancer patient at the hospital.  Taylor learned about Lauren, through a YouTube video the fifth graders parents made using Taylor’s song, “You Belong With Me” changing the lyrics to tell the story of her battle with acute myelogenous leukemia.  According to a blog posted by the family, Taylor spent about an hour with Lauren and left her with a bag full of autographed items, including notebooks, photographs and guitar picks.

Lauren Hacker and Taylor Swift

Lee Brice Is Learning On Tour:

Lee Brice

Lee Brice is currently opening shows for Miranda Lambert and Dierks Bentley on their Locked and Reloaded Tour, and besides the fact that he says both of them are two of his favorite live performers, plus “they’re just real people too, and that just makes it so cool, to be out with a bunch of real folks,” he’s using the opportunity as a great learning experience.  Lee tells The Oklahoman getting to open for them, “You kind of get to take in how a real show really goes down, not like an old bar or a club. I really get to see where their experience comes in and take notes… It kind of teaches you to be patient on those big stages and soak the moment in.  I love watching them. It’s entertaining. It’s just a great show to see. And then I love to take from that and really learn from it. It’d be silly not to.”

Lee’s current single, “I Drive Your Truck,” is racing up the charts.  It’s already in the top ten and he says, “It’s a big thing for us. I think it’s gonna be the biggest song of my career, and I’m really excited about it.”  In the meantime, Lee is already deep into working on his next album.  He says, “I’ve spent so many, many countless, countless hundreds of hours thinking about it, writing, putting songs together and figuring out an album to make it a full album and then dwindling down songs ‘cause I’ve already got too many.”  But he’s not in a rush.  “I’m a little more patient in the recording process. … I mean, just really taking the time to not just settle with a part that’s kind of cool, like really think about it and dig in and have an open mind to change anything and try anything. And it’s really making a difference, I think.”  Lee expects to release the album in about a year.

It Feels like Christmas for Jason Aldean:

Jason Aldean

For anyone who saw Jason Aldean on his My Kinda Party Tour he promises a bigger, better and totally new experience with his Night Train Tour.  Jason says, “You obviously don’t want to go out and feel like you’re putting on the same show every year,” and fortunately his success has afforded him the opportunity to have a bigger bag of tricks and toys to pull from.  “I’ve kind of reached a point in my career now where all these things that were on our wish list a couple years ago we couldn’t really afford to take out at the time, now we’re in a situation where we can just take out whatever we want, pretty much, within reason, and have our show look the way that I’ve wanted it to for a long time,” says Jason.  “So I think when people come to the show they’re gonna see a show from us that they’ve never seen before from production to video to the stage to everything.  I mean, it’s just a completely different thing.  Plus obviously with having a new album come out at the end of last year we’ve got a lot of new songs in the show that we weren’t playing last year.”  Jason admits it’s not just the fans who are benefitting from all his new production elements.  He says, “It’s kind of been a shot in the arm for me too.  I’m like a kid at Christmas.  I’ve got all kinds of new stuff to play with and it’s fun.  It gets me excited to get on stage every night and play.”


No matter how much you and your husband or wife fight . . . you'd THINK you could put it on hold while you're in the middle of committing a felony.   

Last week, 26-year-old Jared Rick and his wife, 25-year-old Ashley Rick, of WamacIllinois shoplifted more than $2,000 worth of stuff from a Walmart. And they would've gotten away with it, too.

Only when they got out to the parking lot with all their stolen stuff, they started arguing. LOUDLY. They were so loud they drew people's attention . . . and someone called the cops.

When the cops got there, they noticed all the stuff in the Ricks' car and got suspicious. They had Walmart check its surveillance tapes . . . which showed the Ricks shoplifting.

Both of them were hit with two counts of felony retail theft. They actually had their one- and three-year-old CHILDREN with them the entire time. Those kids have been turned over to a relative. 



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