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The GIANT Night Club w/Billy Mac

-Billy Mac: Brad Pitt Eats.... Lee Brice video will tear you apart...

Anyone Else Notice This?


So I am a big fan of Brad Pitt, and there are two things I have noticed about the "Pitt-ster" (that's what I call him when we hang...) 1. He looks ALOT like a young Robert Redford.... and 2. He is ALWAYS eating or drinking something in his movies and turns out I am not the only one who noticed the latter or my two observation... There is a blog that is dedicated to Brad Pitt eating and drinking things in his movies and advertisments... Check it out HERE



 So today Lee Brice released his video for "I Drive Your Truck" and if the song wasn't enough to make you shed a tear he has called in his own brother to star in the video... I forewarn you grab a few tissues - this one could even make honey-badger start to care...... Check it out....

So Flippin' Quarters is NOT a 50-50 Deal???


A math professor at Stanford University has figured out that the odds of heads or tails coming up in a coin flip is NOT 50-50.

He found that whichever side is facing up when the coin is flipped is SLIGHTLY more likely to come up. So if you flip a coin with the heads side up, there's a 51% chance it will land on heads and a 49% chance it will land on tails.

Here's his explanation. Think about when you count numbers, starting from one. No matter where you stop, you'll either have more odd numbers or the same number of odd and even numbers. You'll never have more even than odd.

Wha . . . ?!

It's the same principle with flipping a coin. If you start on heads and flip it, heads will always have the advantage. Tails can pull even, but never pass heads. 

So it won't give you a giant advantage in coin flips, but it will give you a SLIGHT advantage. And over the course of a lot of coin flips in your life, it probably WILL help your odds of winning go over 50-50.


12/03/2012 4:31PM
-Billy Mac: Brad Pitt Eats.... Lee Brice video will tear you apart...
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