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Philip Gibbons

A New Look for Taylor Swift...?

So I'm watching the American Music Awards last night, and was surprised to see...apparently a new look for Taylor Swift. I honestly didn't recognize her!!! Those beautiful curls have now been straightened, and something about her face looked totally different. Is this an effort to transform her into a hollywood starlet? I'm of the opinion the lure of hollywood and possible movie deals will be to much to resist and she will eventually leave Nashville for the west coast. I think whatever she's getting ready to do is about to outlast her stay in Nashville. 

What do you think? Leave your thought in the comments section below.

I have attached a screen capture of the performace..and also posted the video. I'm not sure how long the producers of the show will let it stay on YouTube so enjoy it while it lasts.

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11/22/2010 9:38AM
A New Look for Taylor Swift...?
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11/22/2010 12:00PM
Too Much Makeup!!
I'm okay with the straight hair although the bangs are way to long. But she has way too much makeup.
11/22/2010 12:05PM
I like
I like they look I always think that straight hair looks even better on people when it's not typically that way it's always a nice change don't worry though Phillip I don't see her rocking this look that often and even if she doesdo more work in Hollywood I don't ever see her actually fully moving out there
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