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Philip Gibbons

The Eoidemic of Texting & Driving

Webster defines an epidemic as affecting a large number of individuals within a population or community at the same time. Sadly, texting while driving has become just epidemic! How many times have you been at a redlight and noticed the person in the next lane texting or distracted by his cell phone. I can't recall the times I've seen countless drivers rolling down the highway  with phone in hand texting. What are they steering the wheel with their knees?? It's impossible to be
a good safe driver while texting or surfing the internet! Distraction Driving is causing far too many accidents and loss of life in this country. I encourage you to talk with your teen or the other drivers in your household about the seriousness of this subject. 

The Brown family of Texas has started a national drive asking drivers of all ages to sign a pledge to not drive and text. Their precious daughter Alex was killed recently while driving and texting. You can sign the pledge by visiting the ABC website. This family was featured on a recent edition of "Extreme Makeover Home Edition". Let's stop the madness before another life is lost needlessly! 

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02/10/2011 11:11AM
The Eoidemic of Texting & Driving
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