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Philip Gibbons

Biking for the kids at St. Jude

Country Giant friend and St. Jude partner Jerry Bumbalough recently raised almost $2,000.00
for St. Jude Kids on his bike! Jerry rode a total of 800 miles on a stationery bike at the YMCA and
the remaining 200 miles were ridden on the beautiful Natchez Trace. Jerry began his ride in Nashville and ended his trek just south of Tupelo Mississippi! Friends were aked to pledge 10 cents per mile but most far exceeded the requested pledge. Jerry, the kids at St. Jude say thanks for your dedication
and support. God bless! 
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Texting and walking is dangerous!!

On the eve of our long weekend to Gatlinburg I was taking my nightly walk and decided to return
a few text messages. With Smart Phone in had I began to click and scroll getting to the texts I planned on responding to while thinking about the fun days ahead! With bags all packed and a full tank of very expensive fuel what could keep me from three fun days in the Smoky Mountains??  As you know texting and driving is an extremely dangerous and risky act but come on, texting and worries...I thought!  I continued my assault on the phone keyboard while occassionally looking up
when the next thing I saw was the pavement right inf front of my eyes!! My glasses and phone went flying across the Wal-Mart Parking lot and thankfully I caught my self with my left hand which kept me from landing face down. My wrist is sore, my knee was scratched, and my pride was bruised but other than that I'm ok.  Apparently I tripped over a parking barrier and really not sure how I missed it :) Ha!  My trip to the mountains was almost ruined because I was NOT paying attention and was too focused on my cellular device that apparently I can't live without!  Please try to focus on your surroundings while texting and don't ruin a vacation like I almost did! It's just not worth it.     
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My Buddy

My friend Buddy Pearson, Editor at the Cookeville Herald-Citizen wrote an article about my recent Academy of Country Music
Nomination. I was honred an humbled to be recognized by my peers and greatful for the nomination. To read the full article
click here.

by Buddy Pearson Herald Citizen
A lot of people will be wagering in Las Vegas today on the New York Giants or the New England Patriots to win the Super Bowl. But if I were in Vegas, my bet would be on Phillip Gibbons.

Even though the local country music radio disc jockey has nothing to do with today's big game, he is, however, up for a big award in Las Vegas. Gibbons has been nominated by the Academy of Country Music for On-Air Personality of the Year -- Small Market. The ACMs will air live on CBS on April 1 in Las Vegas.

Read the Full Article Here.

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Blizzard Advisory

Source -
COOKEVILLE, Tenn. -- While there has been almost no snowfall across Tennessee this winter, the Upper Cumberland region is facing a bona fide "blizzard" in the coming days -- inside Eblen Center, that is.

A "blizzard" advisory has been posted for Tennessee Tech's upcoming basketball games against Jacksonville State. Tech officials are expecting the advisory to be upgraded to a fill "blizzard' warning for the men's basketball game on Thusday night, Jan. 19, and the women's contest on Monday, Jan. 23.

Click here for full Story
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TTU Golden Eagles Football - OVC Champs

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Famous Memphis Studio

I was in Memphis recently spent some time on Beale St. enjoying their famous reataurants and venues, watched the Peabody Hotel Ducks strut their stuff, toured a television station and had a wonderful time. The highlight of my trip was a tour of the legendary Sun Studios at 706 Union Avenue. In the picture I'm standing behind the microphone where Elvis, Johnny Cash, Carl Perkins and Jerry Lee Lewis have stood to record some of their biggest hits! The studio which was founded by Sam Phillips looks almiost the same as it did in the 1950's and PBS records a weekly show there that airs localy on WCTE-TV.  The next time you're in Memphis take the twenty minute tour which only cost twelve bucks and experience a major part of
Americas Musical History!

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CMA Music Fest Host!

If you're in Nashville for CMA Fest come by the Lays stage in front of Bridgestone Arena and say hey! I'm hosting that stage Thursday June 9th beginning at 11 a.m. Some of the artists I'll introduce
include Casey James from American Idol, Grand Ole Opry Star Jeannie Seely, Daryle Singletary, and Rhonda Vincent! I'm back on that same stage Saturday at 4. See ya' at Music Fest!
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CMA Music Fest Economic Impact

Country Music's biggest  event, CMA Music Fest, is set to begin on Thursday June 9th in downwtown Nashville! The four day event is celebrating it's 40th year and began as the Nashville Dee Jay Convention at Municipal Auditorium. The event soon outgrew Municipal Auditorium and
moved to the Fairgrounds before relocating downtown a few years ago. Fans from all over the world visit Nashville during Music Fest and the economic impact of this four day festival takes in
more than $24,000,000.00 each June! The Music City Bowl in December rakes in $20 million and
the CMA Awards show pumps $3 million into Nashvilles economy. Food vendors, retail outlets, and businesses all over Music City reap huge benefits from it's out of town guests. 

Did you realize that CMA Fest is actually a benefit show? A large portion of the revenue goes directly to local schools to benefit their music porgrams! Remember, when you but a ticket to
Music Fest you're not only helping Nashville and your states bottom line, you're also contributing
to music in schools. Hope to see you there!  
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Dennis Swanberg

Christian comedian Dennis Swanberg is bringing his hilarious show to Cookeville May 27th at the Cookeville Community Center. Show time is 7p and tickets are available at Cornerstone Christian Book Store or by calling 931-256-077. Dennis will keep you in stitches with his many impersonations! Here's a portion of my
interview with Dennis that aired recently on the Giant. 

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Excited Winner

I wished we could make all of our winners this happy. Check out the audio below. 
This is Me with Hollie Dodson. She was still excited when she got here.
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Parents Should Be Aware of New Drug in the Area

Dr. Sullivan Smith appeared on my show last week in an effort to inform the public about a dangerous drug that is sold as "plant food" and "bath salts". It can be purchased at convenience
stores, smoke shops and novelty stores. The entire interview is below. 

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Giant Night At The Opry

A  "Giant" thanks to all who attended Giant Night At The Opry last Saturday! Almost 1,000 Giant listeners took advantage of the discounted tickets and hotel rooms and I personally want to thank you for making it one memorable night!  Thirty-five of you took the backstage tour before the show and saw the renovated backstage area.   Click here to see some of the pictures Giant listener Keith Taylor even got his picture taken with Little Jimmy Dickens in "Taters" dressing room!

Opry announcer Mike Terry was a wonderful host and helped me calm the "butteflies" before my segment at 7:30. There was a funny moment when I was supposed to introduce Mike Snider but actually it was Jeannie Seely! The lineup had changed but they failed to change my script! Jeannie took it well and we continued to have fun with that mishap the rest of the evening!  Mike Terry introduced me next time as "Styckman" still playing off my stumble. It was a hoot!  If you've never experienced the Opry it's definitely a must for all country music fans everywhere! Please listen each day between 12n-1pm to the Giant for a chance to win tickets to the show that made country music famous!

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The Eoidemic of Texting & Driving

Webster defines an epidemic as affecting a large number of individuals within a population or community at the same time. Sadly, texting while driving has become just epidemic! How many times have you been at a redlight and noticed the person in the next lane texting or distracted by his cell phone. I can't recall the times I've seen countless drivers rolling down the highway  with phone in hand texting. What are they steering the wheel with their knees?? It's impossible to be
a good safe driver while texting or surfing the internet! Distraction Driving is causing far too many accidents and loss of life in this country. I encourage you to talk with your teen or the other drivers in your household about the seriousness of this subject. 

The Brown family of Texas has started a national drive asking drivers of all ages to sign a pledge to not drive and text. Their precious daughter Alex was killed recently while driving and texting. You can sign the pledge by visiting the ABC website. This family was featured on a recent edition of "Extreme Makeover Home Edition". Let's stop the madness before another life is lost needlessly! 
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A New Look for Taylor Swift...?

So I'm watching the American Music Awards last night, and was surprised to see...apparently a new look for Taylor Swift. I honestly didn't recognize her!!! Those beautiful curls have now been straightened, and something about her face looked totally different. Is this an effort to transform her into a hollywood starlet? I'm of the opinion the lure of hollywood and possible movie deals will be to much to resist and she will eventually leave Nashville for the west coast. I think whatever she's getting ready to do is about to outlast her stay in Nashville. 

What do you think? Leave your thought in the comments section below.

I have attached a screen capture of the performace..and also posted the video. I'm not sure how long the producers of the show will let it stay on YouTube so enjoy it while it lasts.

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Social Networking Getting Out Of Control

We all do it and some of us seem to never stop! Sitting, standing, lying, and even at the dinner table. Texting and social networking appears to be taking over every area of our lives 24/7! We all feel the need to be connected and informed but I think there are a few times and places the cell should be silenced and one is the family dinner table. Spending quality time with our family at the end of a long day is missing in too many homes. Too often we gobble our food holding a fork in one hand and our phone in another while ignoring those at the table. This should be a time of communication with our children and spouses letting each family member tell about his or her day. 

I don't think any of us would text or surf the internet while talking with our boss and we should extend the same courtesy to our spouse of significant other!  I admit I've been guilty of this and believe it's just plain rude and will strive to not let it happen again.

Another inappropriate time to text and surf is behind the wheel!!! This shouldn't even need to be addressed because of the saftey issue but I see it happen everyday and I'm sure you do too! It's impossible to be a safe driver and text while driving. Too many have been seriously injured or killed because the need to communicate was so great. Sad. 

Let's all be more aware of when it's appropriate and inappropriate to social network because there's a right time and a wrong time. Just a few rambling thoughts about a potentially serious
problem we're all facing. 
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Live From The Opry!

The Grand Ole Opry House has finally reopened after the Nashville floods and this Friday I'll
be live from the Opry's Green Room from 10a-3p! I'll be interviewing Opry reps and giving you
an opportunity to win free Opry tickets and qualify for the grand prize which is a backstage tour
and overnight hotel accommodations at the Gaylord Opryland Resort! I'll give you a behind the
scenes look at the show that made country music famous, The Grand Ole Opry! Don't miss all
the fun this Friday when I'm live backstage at the Opry on 94.7 The Country Giant!
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When Did I Become A Senior?

I began my day with a brisk walk around the TTU campus this morning then headed to the studio to start the work day. My body was craving coffee so I stopped at McDonalds, went inside because of the long line at the drivethorugh, and ordered my  hot cup of java!  After placing my order I stepped aside, allowing the customer behind me to order, and patiently waited for my  brew.

After a couple of minutes the employee called out loudly "one senior coffee"! I looked left ,right, and all aound and there was no senior in sight! I thought it was a mistake then I realized it was MY cup of coffee!  Please don't misunderstand me I love seniors and believe they should be afforded discounts at every opportunity BUT I'm not a Senior....or am I?  

At 51 am I entitled to Senior discounts? If so, then Seniors beware, I'll see you at Kroger on Wednesday to get my discount! Ha!   
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Preview "Cracker Barrel Presents Rodney Atkins"!

The new CD, featuring four #1 hits, including “These Are My People” and "Watching You," and also featuring the previously unreleased song “More Like Your Memory (Always Takes Me Back),” will be available only at Cracker Barrel on September 6th, but you can preview it now...

Click Here to Preview

Let's us know what you think in the comments section below.
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Live at the Fair/Wrestling comes to Algood!

Can you believe the Putnam Co. Fair is already underway? Tonight is the sixth night of the 84th annual Agricultural and Industrial Fair and I'll be co-hosting the televised portion of the fair with
Cindy Putman on WCTE-TV beginning at 7 p.m.  In the main arena it's rodeo action and on stage
two the annual talent contest! Hope to see you there!

I know most of you guys are big wrestling fans and here's your opportunity to enjoy SAW Wrestling
in Algood! Saturday August 14th at Algood Middle School on Dry Valley Road it's "Hammerjack VS. "Maniac Marc Anthony". Come be a part of the live TV audience and listen to my show on Wednesday for your chance to win free tickets! For more information call 931-854-8805. Our very own Kyla Slaven will sing the National Anthem prior to the match!   

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Opry Challenge

The Grand Ole Opry has launched the online trivia game Country Music Video Challenge, which aims to raise funds for Nashville flood relief. Throughout the Challenge, players are encouraged to donate to The Community Foundation Of Middle Tennessee's flood recovery efforts. Additionally, Opry sponsor Humana will donate $1 for each of the first 25,000 players. Registrants will also be entered to win a Brad Paisley-autographed Gibson guitar, $500 cash or a trip to Nashville including VIP Opry tickets. Learn more and play here.
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Our new website

We're real excited about this new website. I hope that you like it. If you have any ideas on things that could make this site better feel free to say so...shoot me an email by clicking here and I'll be sure to forward it on to the apporiate people. Thanks and enjoy the site.

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