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Bryan Sweet

Five ideas for last-minute Velentine's Day gifts

Here are five suggestions for our listeners who probably just realized Valentine's Day is already here!  I can't guarantee a long and fruitful relationship if you go with one of these, but I CAN guarantee a short and miserable one if you don't do anything!  That being said, here are our five suggestions:

1) Be original.  You do realize flowers and candy are not necessities for Valentine's Day, right?  Think outside the box this year.  Buy (or rent) a romantic movie your significant other has mentioned wanting to see, grab a fleece blanket and pop some popcorn.  Make it a night for two on the couch this year.

2) Make it an event.  Try to recreate your first date, for instance.  Now, if date #1 wasn't something either of you want to remember, go overboard with the lovey-dovey stuff.  Massages, poetry.  All that yucky stuff girls are in to.

3) Make it a meal in.  If you're typically not the cook in your relationship, channel your inner Emeril Lagasse and make a romantic dinner for two.  If you can't boil water, maybe you get some takeout and serve it up on home dishes.  Either way, a couple candles and some romantic music will make it a dinner to remember.

4) MAKE RESERVATIONS!  If I could make this jump out of the computer and grab you by the collar, screaming those two words over and over, I would.  You have to realize that nearly everyone in and around where you live has plans to go out to eat somewhere.  If you skip over #3 above and decide to eat out, this is the most important thing you need to know.  Don't be that couple driving from restaurant to restaurant trying to get a couple seats at the bar because you forgot to call ahead.

5) Have flowers delivered to work.  Sure, flowers and Valentine's Day are cliche, but when those flowers are sent to work and your significant other can flaunt them in front of all their co-workers, it means something a little special.  Most florists offer this service, so take advantage of it.

There you have it.  Five ways to avoid having Valentine's Day 2011 become My Bloody Valentine, courtesy of your friends at 94.7 The Country Giant!

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02/13/2011 7:19PM
Ideas for last-minute Velentine's Day gifts
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