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Philip Gibbons

Social Networking Getting Out Of Control

We all do it and some of us seem to never stop! Sitting, standing, lying, and even at the dinner table. Texting and social networking appears to be taking over every area of our lives 24/7! We all feel the need to be connected and informed but I think there are a few times and places the cell should be silenced and one is the family dinner table. Spending quality time with our family at the end of a long day is missing in too many homes. Too often we gobble our food holding a fork in one hand and our phone in another while ignoring those at the table. This should be a time of communication with our children and spouses letting each family member tell about his or her day. 

I don't think any of us would text or surf the internet while talking with our boss and we should extend the same courtesy to our spouse of significant other!  I admit I've been guilty of this and believe it's just plain rude and will strive to not let it happen again.

Another inappropriate time to text and surf is behind the wheel!!! This shouldn't even need to be addressed because of the saftey issue but I see it happen everyday and I'm sure you do too! It's impossible to be a safe driver and text while driving. Too many have been seriously injured or killed because the need to communicate was so great. Sad. 

Let's all be more aware of when it's appropriate and inappropriate to social network because there's a right time and a wrong time. Just a few rambling thoughts about a potentially serious
problem we're all facing. 

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11/02/2010 9:47AM
Socil Networking Getting Out Of Control
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11/03/2010 12:10PM
Social Networking
I wholeheartedly agree with you. Even though our kids are grown and gone and my husband is retired, I still like the fact that even though we watch T.V. while we eat, I would not want to be "social networking" at the dinner table. We don't have the internet at home(too expensive) but we still wouldn't do it.
11/03/2010 2:51PM
Social Networking
Totally agree, Phil
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