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The GIANT Night Club w/Billy Mac


On Saturday night, 26-year-old Jeffery Tyler Siegel of Jonesboro, Arkansas was on a date, taking a romantic walk through the Crowley's Ridge Nature Center. When suddenly, a KNIFE-WIELDING MANIAC attacked.

Jeffrey jumped in front of his date, told her to run, then stayed back to fight the guy off. He took two small slashes to the chest, but managed to make the guy run away.

The police and K9 units combed the area for hours, but couldn't find the knife-wielding maniac. Then they noticed Jeffrey saying things that didn't add up . . . and his date told them Jeffrey was texting right before the attack. So they figured it out . . .

Jeffrey had STAGED the entire thing to impress his date. The guy with the knife was really just his friend.

The police told Jeffrey if he admitted it they wouldn't file charges. He admitted it, they kept their word, and the case is closed.

Jeffrey's date was NOT impressed, by the way. She told a reporter that what he did was, quote, "not very heroic."

This story reminded me of a scene from one of my favorite Adam Sandler movies "Mr. Deeds" 


Garth & George To Honor Dick Clark At The ACM Awards...

GARTH BROOKS won the ACM Artist of the Decade for the 1990s . . . and GEORGE STRAIT won it for the 2000s. 

Well, at next month's ACMs they're performing together for the very FIRST TIME to help RENAME that award in honor of the great DICK CLARK.

It's going to be called "ACM Dick Clark Artist of the Decade".  The ACMs are April 7th.

Dick Clark pretty much made the ACMs what they are today. He produced the show from 1979 until his death, which was a week after last year's show.


Miranda accused of Shoplifting & Having "Anger Issues"


According to the "National Enquirer", MIRANDA LAMBERT threatened to punch some woman who accused her of shoplifting. The woman's name is Melanie Peden, and this happened back on March 5th.

It's not clear what Miranda is accused of stealing, but according to the story, it happened in Peden's store in TishomingoOklahoma, which is located a few doors down from Miranda's shop, the Pink Pistol.

Peden tells the "Enquirer", quote, "[Miranda] had a complete meltdown and threatened to 'punch me in the mouth' if I kept talking. I was stunned and a little bit scared too, because she was growling and yelling at me like a crazy lady.

"She's got a real anger problem and needs help. But I stood my ground and asked her to leave my store." Peden supposedly filed a police report the next day. There's been no comment from Miranda. 


I See A Duet Brewing With Katy Perry & Kacey Musgraves:

KACEY MUSGRAVE is a huge KATY PERRY fan . . . and fortunately for her, the feeling is mutual. As you know, Kacey's debut album "Same Trailer Different Park" dropped Tuesday, but Katy Perry was Tweeting props about it last month. 

Katy Tweeted, "Guys. One of my favorite new songwriters @KaseyMusgraves is putting out a full record full of GEMS! Preorder it."

Well, Kacey is STILL talking about the Tweet. She told CMT, quote "I almost killed myself standing in the street, rereading the Tweet over and over again, whenever she Tweeted about me because I'm just a really big fan.

"I mean, songwriter-wise, she is awesome, so it really meant a lot to me that she dug it." Could this open the door
to a duet between the two???? Let's hope so.....


Taylor Get Burgandy'd:

And now . . . a mashup of TAYLOR SWIFT'S "Trouble" . . . with the meltdown of WILL FERRELL'S "Anchorman" character Ron Burgundy. (Video)


Jason Aldean's video for "1994"

So you wanna learn how to "Diffie"? Well check out the video for the new song from Jason Aldean "1994" it has a bunch of cameo appearances by some country artists and hot chicks... But one person is missing...... JOE, JOE JOE DIFFIE.. That makes me kinda sad.. I wanted to see if he still is rockin' the mullet and the circa 70's 'stache....




Early Tuesday morning, police in KalamazooMichigan had a run in with a deer that was SUPPOSEDLY dead.

It happened while they were checking on some guy in a parked car outside a hotel. The man told the officers that he'd hit a deer earlier in the night . . . and that it was in the trunk of his car, so he could take it home and EAT it.

But sadly, he didn't get to do that. Because when one of the cops went to look in the trunk, the deer jumped out, stumbled around, then ran off into the woods.

There's dashboard footage of it online. It doesn't show what happened next, but the cops said the deer looked perfectly fine, and was probably just stunned.



According to a new study in the "British Medical Journal", coffee can SAVE LIVES and prevent accidents.  

Researchers in Australia studied long-haul truckers, and found that 43% of them drink coffee or use some other source of caffeine . . . like energy drinks or caffeine tablets . . . to stay awake and alert on long trips.  

And the truckers that use caffeine drive longer distances and sleep less than truckers who don't . . . but they're still SAFER.  

The truckers who used caffeine got into 63% FEWER accidents than the ones that didn't. And that was after adjusting for age and other factors that could have influenced the results.

The only thing that had MORE of an impact on accident rates was driving history. Drivers who'd already had one crash were 81% more likely to have another one.

Those Canadians.....

So the Canadians REALLY want to discourage folks from smoking... So they compare "social smoking" to.........farting in front of groups of people or "social farting"... Obviously the anti-smoking council in Canada is comprised of a staff who have the sense of humor of a 12 year old boy... But it makes for a funny video, so check it out....


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03/21/2013 9:17AM
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