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Philip Gibbons

Texting and walking is dangerous!!

On the eve of our long weekend to Gatlinburg I was taking my nightly walk and decided to return
a few text messages. With Smart Phone in had I began to click and scroll getting to the texts I planned on responding to while thinking about the fun days ahead! With bags all packed and a full tank of very expensive fuel what could keep me from three fun days in the Smoky Mountains??  As you know texting and driving is an extremely dangerous and risky act but come on, texting and worries...I thought!  I continued my assault on the phone keyboard while occassionally looking up
when the next thing I saw was the pavement right inf front of my eyes!! My glasses and phone went flying across the Wal-Mart Parking lot and thankfully I caught my self with my left hand which kept me from landing face down. My wrist is sore, my knee was scratched, and my pride was bruised but other than that I'm ok.  Apparently I tripped over a parking barrier and really not sure how I missed it :) Ha!  My trip to the mountains was almost ruined because I was NOT paying attention and was too focused on my cellular device that apparently I can't live without!  Please try to focus on your surroundings while texting and don't ruin a vacation like I almost did! It's just not worth it.     

04/17/2012 2:13PM
Texting and walking is dangerous!!
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07/26/2012 11:24AM
And NEVER text in the shower. Trust me!
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