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The Wednesday D.A.

An attempted armed carjacking in Orlando, Florida, didn't go as planned for two thugs when they realized after they had commandeered a high-performance sports car that neither one of them knew how to drive a stick shift.

Randolph Bean was sitting in his 2002 Millennium Yellow Zo6 Corvette Sunday evening with the ignition off outside the Orlando Regional Medical Center when he saw two men approaching the car in his rear view mirror and noticed they had a gun pointed at him.

Bean said one guy yanked the door open and half-dragged him out and demanded he get on the ground.

Bean said while he was being held at gunpoint by one suspect, the second man jumped in the driver's seat and attempted to steal the car but couldn't figure out how to start it. Bean stated, "The guy started screaming at me, 'How do I start the car?'" Bean says he told the would-be carjackers, "It's got a standard transmission, so you have to push in the clutch when you start it. "

Bean said the suspect didn't know what a clutch was and became more enraged. When the suspect holding Bean at gunpoint told his accomplice it was a stick, and the two frustrated thieves fled with Bean's keys, wallet and cell phone.


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01/30/2013 8:59PM
The Wednesday D.A.
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