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I feel like if you go past a house that STILL has its CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS up, you know something ain't quite right there. And this just proves that theory.

Earlier this month, in CrestviewFlorida, a woman decided February was JUST about the right time to finally start taking down the lights. And it seems that her 49-year-old husband didn't agree.

So while she put away the Christmas stuff . . . he JUMPED ON HER and tried to WRESTLE her WEDDING RING off her hand.

She got away and called the cops. He was charged with domestic violence.

It's not exactly clear why her putting away the Christmas decorations made him want to end the marriage, at least symbolically . . . but, ya know, Christmas decorations up in February seem like a sign of deeper underlying issues. 

MINDY MCCREADY is dead at the age of 37. A local sheriff issued a statement saying she died of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound at her Heber Springs, Arkansas home, which is 60 miles north of Little Rock

The sheriff said officers arrived at her house at 3:58 P.M. . . . where they found Mindy's body on the front porch. Mindy's brother confirmed her death to the "New York Daily News".

Mindy's rep told E!, quote, "I have no statement or information to provide until I get verification from the authorities in Arkansas and until all family including the children have been notified. The family and I have been trying to reach the authorities.

"I have not spoken to any officials that were on the scene. I am asking the media for sensitivity in this regard. At this time, any family member coming forward to confirm this is completely inappropriate."

Mindy's life was tragic on so many levels that this doesn't come as a surprise, but it's heartbreaking nonetheless. She had two young sons, six-year-old Zander . . . and nine-month-old Zayne.

We may never know why Mindy decided to take her life now . . . but everything points to last month's shooting death of her boyfriend David Wilson. That started out as a possible suicide . . . and then turned into Mindy being a suspect.

Mindy's body was taken to the Arkansas State Crime Lab for an autopsy. There's no indication yet that she was under the influence when she died . . . but considering her history of substance abuse, that's not out of the question.

Mindy attempted suicide twice in 2005 by drug overdose . . . and once in 2008 after she cut her wrists.

One last note: If you would like to make your thoughts known . . . people have been leaving messages on Twitter at #RIP Mindy.

It's hard to remember that Mindy had a bright future back in the '90s. She had a #1 hit with "Guys Do It All The Time" . . . and was engaged to DEAN "SUPERMAN" CAIN in 1997. They broke up in '98.

Her downward spiral included an arrest in 2004 for trying to pass off a fraudulent OxyContin prescription. In 2005 her then-boyfriend Billy McKnight tried to MURDER HER. McKnight is the father of her son Zander.

Mindy also claimed she had a longtime affair with ROGER CLEMENS that supposedly began when she was a teenager. Clemens insists they were just friends.

Several country stars hit up Twitter with thoughts about MINDY MCCREADY'S suicide. Here are a few:

--JASON ALDEAN: "Just heard about Mindy McCready. My thoughts and prayers are with her 2 boys and her family."


--CHELY WRIGHT: "Really, really sad to learn the news about Mindy McCready. I will pray for her children and I hope that people are gentle with her memory."

Finally . . . The saddest part of this whole tragedy is that it DIDN'T HAVE TO HAPPEN. At least, that's what DR. DREW believes . . . and he knows because he TREATED Mindy on "Celebrity Rehab". 

He said on CNN, quote, "She is a lovely woman, we have lost her and it didn't have to go down like this." 


Last year DIERKS BENTLEY talked about how it sucks being older because he's starting to get granny panties thrown to the stage.  But he's not the only country artist getting underwear tossed his way.

CHRIS YOUNG was KATIE COURIC'S show last week and she asked him if he has groupies. He said, quote, "There's a certain amount of underwear that comes on stage at show. [But] not at acoustic shows."

Chris also thought he'd be HI-larious by joking that he'd committed INCEST with his sister. He said, quote, "I haven't said this anywhere, but I married my sister."

After "shocking" Katie and everyone in the audience he explained that he recently got a license to marry people. He said, quote, "I officiated the ceremony at my sister's wedding." Check out the video.....



You may recall that CARRIE UNDERWOOD will be playing Maria Von Trapp in a TV remake of "The Sound of Music".

Well, JULIE ANDREWS, who arguably IS Maria, was asked if she's met Carrie yet. She said, quote, "No, I don't know her, and I would love to know her.  And maybe I will." (Wall Street Journal)

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02/18/2013 10:02AM
Tonight's Blog
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