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Web Nuggets for Thursday

I'm Sorry... Is That a Tail? On. A. Human....

You know how your dog wags his tail when he's happy? Well, now you can too.

The tail for humans, called TAILLY, is attached to a belt that you wear around your waist. The belt has sensors that read your heart rate . . . and the tail will move according to your mood.

The developer, Shota Ishwatari, just finished up a Kickstarter campaign with the hopes of releasing Tailly by August; unfortunately, the page says "funding unsuccessful." Hopefully he can wag up a little more interest.


You Sick Bro?

This year's flu outbreak is expected to be REALLY bad. So when you catch it, there's a new free Facebook app that can help you figure out which one of your friends infected you. If only they could come up with the same thing for syphilis.

The app is called "Help, I Have the Flu" and it analyzes your friends' profiles for signs that they're sick.

It looks for words in status updates like "sneezing" and "coughing." It also looks at people who've been making lots of late-night posts, because it figures people who are sleep deprived are at a higher risk of getting sick.

Then the app reports back to you on who most likely got you sick.

You can install the app at


Don't Forkin' Judge Me

Do we really need machines judging us for being chubby and happy?
The Consumer Electronics Show is going on right now in Las Vegas.
And a new device that's getting a lot of attention is the HAPIfork . . . which is being pitched as a "SMART FORK" that will help you lose weight.By judging you.
The fork uses built-in sensors to monitor how much food you're putting on the fork, how many forkfuls of food you're eating per minute, and how long you're pausing between shoveling bites of food into your mouth.

If you're putting too much on the fork or eating more than once every 10 seconds, it buzzes at you as a sign that you need to reel it in.

You can also download the data from the fork so you, or your doctor, can monitor your eating habits.The fork costs $99 and is set to go on sale in the spring.

Ladies, do you need a reminder to keep the "girls" healthy?

Hearing a doctor explain how to self examine and why you should self examine can be boring and confusing. Not anymore! THIS is the must see video that ALL ladies should watch. You WON'T forget how/why after seeing THIS! Here's to a smart and healthy 2013 girls!


 Walk Off The Earth has a killer cover over Taylor Swift's latest big hit "I Knew You Were Trouble" and they got some help from master beat boxer KRNFX. SO SO GOOD!


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01/10/2013 12:47PM
Web Nuggets for Thursday
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