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Philip Gibbons

When Did I Become A Senior?

I began my day with a brisk walk around the TTU campus this morning then headed to the studio to start the work day. My body was craving coffee so I stopped at McDonalds, went inside because of the long line at the drivethorugh, and ordered my  hot cup of java!  After placing my order I stepped aside, allowing the customer behind me to order, and patiently waited for my  brew.

After a couple of minutes the employee called out loudly "one senior coffee"! I looked left ,right, and all aound and there was no senior in sight! I thought it was a mistake then I realized it was MY cup of coffee!  Please don't misunderstand me I love seniors and believe they should be afforded discounts at every opportunity BUT I'm not a Senior....or am I?  

At 51 am I entitled to Senior discounts? If so, then Seniors beware, I'll see you at Kroger on Wednesday to get my discount! Ha!   

08/30/2010 9:44AM
When Did I Become A Senior?
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08/30/2010 1:08PM
Senior Discount
I'm 53 and it happens to me all the time. I just smile and say, thank you very much. LOL
08/30/2010 2:05PM
Jimmy Dickens
I'm like Little Jimmy Dickens. "I have loved senior citizens ever since I became one".
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