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12am-6am: CMT After Midnite With Cody Alan
6am-10am: The Weekend Wake-Up w/Big D & Bubba
10am-1pm: Philip Gibbons
1pm-4pm: The Billy Mac Show
4pm-7pm:  Monk and Kelly  
7pm- 12am: Nash Nights Live 


12am-6am: CMT After Midnite With Cody Alan
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6:30am-7am: Dave Johnson
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Biking for the kids at St. Jude
Country Giant friend and St. Jude partner Jerry Bumbalough recently raised almost $2,000.00 for St. Jude Kids on his bike! Jerry rode a total of 800 miles on a stationery bike at the YMCA and the remaining 200 miles were ridden on the beautiful Natchez Trace. Jerry began his ride in Nashville and ended his trek just south of Tupelo Mississippi! Friends were aked to pledge 10 cents per mile but most far exceeded the requested pledge. Jerry, the kids at St. Jude say thanks for your dedication
and support. God bless!

Texting and walking is dangerous!!
On the eve of our long weekend to Gatlinburg I was taking my nightly walk and decided to return
a few text messages. With Smart Phone in had I began to click and scroll getting to the texts I planned on responding to while thinking about the fun days ahead! With bags all packed and a full tank of very expensive fuel what could keep me from three fun days in the Smoky Mountains??  As you know texting and driving is an extremely dangerous and risky act but come on, texting and walking...no worries...I thought!  I continued my assault on the phone keyboard while occassionally looking up when the next thing I saw was the pavement right inf front of my eyes!! My glasses and phone went flying across the Wal-Mart Parking lot and thankfully I caught my self with my left hand which kept me from landing face down. My wrist is sore, my knee was scratched, and my pride was bruised but other than that I'm ok.  Apparently I tripped over a parking barrier and really not sure how I missed it :) Ha!  My trip to the mountains was almost ruined because I was NOT paying attention and was too focused on my cellular device that apparently I can't live without!  Please try to focus on your surroundings while texting and don't ruin a vacation like I almost did! It's just not worth it.   

My Buddy
My friend Buddy Pearson, Editor at the Cookeville Herald-Citizen wrote an article about my recent Academy of Country Music Nomination. I was honred an humbled to be recognized by my peers and greatful for the nomination. To read the full article click here.

by Buddy Pearson Herald Citizen
A lot of people will be wagering in Las Vegas today on the New York Giants or the New England Patriots to win the Super Bowl. But if I were in Vegas, my bet would be on Phillip Gibbons.

Even though the local country music radio disc jockey has nothing to do with today's big game, he is, however, up for a big award in Las Vegas. Gibbons has been nominated by the Academy of Country Music for On-Air Personality of the Year -- Small Market. The ACMs will air live on CBS on April 1 in Las Vegas.

Read the Full Article Here.

Blizzard Advisory
Source - TTUSports.com
COOKEVILLE, Tenn. -- While there has been almost no snowfall across Tennessee this winter, the Upper Cumberland region is facing a bona fide "blizzard" in the coming days -- inside Eblen Center, that is.

A "blizzard" advisory has been posted for Tennessee Tech's upcoming basketball games against Jacksonville State. Tech officials are expecting the advisory to be upgraded to a fill "blizzard' warning for the men's basketball game on Thusday night, Jan. 19, and the women's contest on Monday, Jan. 23.

Click here for full Story


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